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UPDATE 31 Jan:

I had a call from the hate mail sender’s provider.  They did their own investigation.  We talked about the option of contacting law enforcement.   Since we are about to takeoff (I’m on an airplane) i couldn’t pursue it more at that moment.

UPDATE 31 Jan:

I had a note back from the hate-mail sender’s provider…

Good Afternoon J.T. Zuhlsdorf, my name is —-, I am an Investigator with Charter Communications.  I am reaching out to you by email because I do not have a contact number for you.  Please reach out to your local Police Department and file an incident report regarding the Threaten email from —–.  Once you have filed a Police report please send us the case number assigned to the incident.  We will work and cooperate with Law Enforcement.

Thank you


Corporate Security

Sr. Investigator

_____ Originally Posted 30 Jan ___

I get supportive mail and hate mail.

Here’s a lovely bit of support I received this weekend at the parish where I preached for Forty Hours Devotion.  A spiritual bouquet!

There were a couple pages.  I really appreciate Spiritual Bouquets.  Some don’t.  I do!

In email…

One fellow wrote:

 I just want to say a big thank you for your unceasing advice for us to go to confession. I just went after about 9 months delay. It was great feeling of liberation and gave strength against the evil one. Your constant urging to go to confession helped me to go. Keep on giving the advice. It is a great work of charity.

Thanks.  I do get notes from people occasionally about going to confession after an absence.

Here is another person:

Thank you for blogging. I have learned so much from reading it. The weekly posts on the collects, the liturgical season reminders, and random things posted about have enriched my familiy’s faith. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In the event that Hell takes the day on Tuesday, and liberties such as freedom of speech and access to the Internet are interrupted, I wanted to express my gratitude now.

And there’s this:

Ok Father Bannon…your no priest…you’re a Breitbart idealog and a disgrace to Catholicism…may you die and burn in Hell.

BTW…don’t bother blocking me…I can change my ips address at will.

Okay, I guess that’s a no vote.

When I get something like this, wishing my death, I take it seriously.

Therefore, I reported the email to the abusers provider.  Then I did a little research.  He has written before, as matter of fact.  Once I ascertained that, I explored his IP address in his header and got a geographical location.   I cross-checked that with other emails and they were consistent.  Then I dug a little more and discovered that this hate-mail writer is a Permanent Deacon in a parish in Texas.  So, I might give his parish priest or his chancery a call and send a copy of the email.

You see, I really do read your emails!

I also listen to your voicemails: I don’t call back, but I listen to it.

You have three options:


 020 8133 4535


TIPS for leaving voice mail.

  1. Let me know at the onset if I can use it on the blog.  I may be able to anonymize it a little by editing if need be.
  2. Come to your point right away, please.
  3. Don’t shout!  If you shout, your voice will be distorted and I won’t be able to understand you.


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