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Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard during Holy Mass to fulfill your Sunday obligation?

Let us know!

This week I have a bye.  I’m going to be deacon for a priest who has not yet had a Solemn Mass!   And we get to use vestments from our GREEN Pontifical set for the first time!  Help us make our WHITE set.  HERE

Were I to preach, I would preach about what is going on concerning debates about indissolubility and what WE should do about them.



Here are some photos from this morning’s Solemn Mass. I am so pleased with the servers.  We have gotten to the point where we can carry out just about any rite we need.

This was the first Solemn Mass for our celebrant today.  He has do quite a few Sung Masses.


Benedicite, Pater reverende.
Ab illo bene+dicaris, in cuius honore cremaberis. Amen.



Asperges, of course.  NB: Matching tabernacle veil and antependium.


The photos don’t do justice to the vestments and the light in the church.

012_SolemnMass_2Epiphany_2017_SMPB (1)

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  1. Filipino Catholic says:

    Latin OF (with a double Confiteor oddly enough), Feast of the Santo Niño. The celebrant commented on the glaring difference between living life with Jesus versus living life without Jesus, relating it to the Christianization of the Philippines (the first reading began with “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light…”). Then he reminded us to always pray for His grace, because the darkness is always trying to extinguish the light (and he even pointed to the current state of the world as an example), though we know the final victory is already Christ’s.

  2. Sawyer says:

    Novus Ordo Mass in English: unfortunately, after some superficial and cursory remarks about each of the readings, the priest spent most of the homily time reading from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech. He didn’t even read the excerpts with any expressiveness or cadence. Had MLK delivered that speech with the same monotonic, uninspiring tone that the priest used, I highly doubt that speech would have been historic. The priest didn’t even attempt to connect anything in the biblical readings with MLK’s speech nor with events in the USA to justify reading the excerpts from the speech; he stated that his primary intention was so that the kids (small in number in attendance at the Mass — mostly gray-haired folk were present) could hear parts of the speech that they probably haven’t ever heard before. So disappointing.

  3. JohnE says:

    Repent. Father focused on the reason why John baptized — so that Jesus might be made known to Israel. Repentance is the letting go of those sins which we cling to, so that we might receive him and know him. So repent, and go to confession!

  4. Liam says:

    EF for Dominica II. post Epiph.

    Sermon addressed relationship between Christ and his Mother and how this connected to our Lord’s intention to work here at Cana his first public miracle.

  5. Prayerful says:

    The priest first remarked that the Wedding Feast at Cana (in Galilee) is usually when priests talk about the Church teaching on marriage, but Fr archly asks, what is it these days? Fr reads the opening of the letter of St Paul to the Galatians which closes with ‘Friends, though it were we ourselves, though it were an angel from heaven that should preach to you a gospel other than the gospel we preached to you, a curse upon him!’ The priests here sometimes seem to prefer the Knox translation to the Challoner Douay-Rheims, and for that verse it’s more pointed.

  6. prayerisouronlyhope says:

    Latin Tridentine – our priest spoke about the family; the indissolubility of marriage; the proper roles of husband, wife and children in a Catholic family; and Christ’s teaching on marriage. It was an excellent sermon.

  7. Discerning Altar Boy says:

    If you were put on trial for being Catholic, would there be enough evidence to convict you?
    There was for John the Baptist, whom we should imitate in all things.

  8. iPadre says:

    In the Ordinary Form, I talked about John’s Gospel as the new Genesis, presenting the new Adam and the new Eve. The new Adam – Christ who is “The Lamb of God.” God offers to God the perfect atoning sacrifice “for the forgiveness of sin.” And I tied it in to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We stand a Calvary with Mary, John and the women.

    In the Extraordinary Form I talked about Our Lady who brings the new wine into our broken lives and broken worlds. She stands by us and intercedes to her Son on our behalf. During this year of grace, a year dedicated to Our Lady in my diocese, we must beg her to give the Holy Father the grace to consecrate Russia and the world to her Immaculate Heart, so that we may have the promised time of peace. Until then, personal consecration, daily Rosary, sacrifices and prayers.

  9. Sword40 says:

    Can’t make it to Mass this Sunday. Our car broke down and had to be towed to a shop. So it will be Wednesday or so before we have it back. We are 80 miles from our FSSP parish. Missed the parish Men’s club meeting yesterday too. Anyway the wife and I will begin the complete traditional Rosary. It’s the best we can do under the circumstances. Please say a little prayer that our repair bill won’t be too staggering.

  10. Benedicite says:

    Second Sunday after Epiphany Ordinariate – as I recall it was about waiting patiently for God to reveal His mission for us and responding obediently, as our Lord did, by doing His will. Fr tied this to today’s anniversary celebrating the day 6 years ago when 3 former Anglican bishops were ordained as Catholic priests at Westminster Cathedral and the establishment of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.

  11. Mike says:

    “The world no longer understands what marriage is.” This notwithstanding the fact that Scripture, as Father went on to point out, is full of examples of marriage — all of which are reflections of the marriage of Christ and His Church. We were sent forth (all 68 of us, a new attendance high for our 21-month-old TLM, Deo gratias!) to reflect on the wedding at Cana during our meditation time this week.

    Praying to St. Eligius for good news on Sword40‘s auto repairs.

  12. Elizabeth D says:

    It’s certainly Msgr Bartylla’s turn to be celebrant of a solemn Mass.

    [It has taken this long to get him to do it! But know that we have accomplished this step, I sense that we will have Solemn Masses more often from now on.]

  13. spock says:

    Are the pictures from St. Mary’s in Cashton ?

    [No, no. Tisk. St. Mary’s in Pine Bluff.]

  14. un-ionized says:

    Sword40, healing prayers for your car and for pumping up your wallet! I missed Mass because of a mechanical malfunction of my body. I get annoyed at all this. But it’s an opportunity to offer something up that requires patience.

  15. jameeka says:

    Fr C talked about the Responsorial Psalm “Here I am, Lord, I come to do your will”.
    Every time we pray Our Father we are praying that God’s will be done. When Jesus was on earth, He had a human will and a divine will but they were closely bound. In Gethsemane, He prays “Father, not my will, but Your Will be done” just prior to His arrest and crucifixion.

    Fr recalled a Hungarian Catholic priest, under Communist oppression in the 1980s, who was able to tour the US in a cultural exchange program because he was also a concert pianist.

    When Fr C told the visiting priest about his own grand plans for completion of parish hall construction by year’s end, and added “God willing, the priest said “Then, let us hope it is God’s will”.

    When we add “God willing” to our plans, we should be really discerning, among various good choices, what is GOD’s will, not our own.

  16. Adorista says:

    In the OF, Father talked about “remaining in the Lord.” He said “remain” is a verb used often by John. It’s important to realize that remaining in a relationship is not static or effort free. He used the example of being on a retreat, and feeling like he wanted to use his cellphone, go to Starbucks and look around the outlet mall, even though he’d come with good intentions to really do a retreat with he Lord. He remained in his hermitage, but it was not without resolve. A lot of relationships are like that, we want to drop out when it gets tough.

  17. PhilipNeri says:

    How do we come to know Jesus the Christ as a friend, a true friend? First, we have stop thinking of friendship in purely worldly terms. Acquaintances aren’t friends. Co-workers may be friends, but they aren’t friends because they are co-workers. Think for a moment: who in your life right now possesses the other half of your soul?

    Fr. Philip Neri, OP

  18. Matthew the Wayfarer says:

    Beautiful vestments. At first I thought they were Byzantine because Roman Rite usually aren’t this attractive and colorful!

  19. harrythepilgrim says:

    My hearing is bad, but I heard the pastor say what I’ve heard before: We are all here praying together: Holy Communion.

  20. andia says:

    He had two : get out of your comfort zone if you are going to grow
    Make sure you are following the real Messiah not just someone trying to show Him to you.

  21. MacCheese says:

    Looks beautiful Father.

  22. Nan says:

    Fr Celebrant is a lovely young priest, ordination mate to my priest friend. He talked about the Church being the people rather than just the building, reminding us that Ezekiel noticing the Holy Spirit leaving the Temple and linked it to John seeing Holy Spirit alight on Christ after His baptism, telling us that the Holy Spirit can alight on people – we need to remember that we are the Temple.

    He blogged for a moment early on and posted a shot of the Lego Cathedral at the fair. At that moment they were selling miniature lego Cathedrals and I had one so popped it into the mail for him…several years ago. I introduced myself after Mass tonight and mentioned that I had sent him the Cathedral. He was just as excited today as he was all those years ago. It was adorable. He’s a lovely priest.

  23. Grant M says:

    Love and Truth are connected: as Benedict XVI said, love without truth is sentimentality.

    What really sobered me though was the address my brother-in-law gave that afternoon at a gathering of my wife’s sub-clan. He showed us a video reconstruction of the Tenerife air crash of 1977. It is vital, even a matter of life or death to have clear, complete, unambiguous and trustworthy guidance and instruction, especially if you are lost in a fog and cannot see the way ahead. Otherwise- disaster.

  24. JonPatrick says:

    EF Mass 2nd Sunday in Epiphany. The wedding at Cana is a revelation of the divinity of Christ. John’s Gospel emphasizes the divinity of Christ in several places starting with the 1st chapter (In the beginning was the Word …) . The miracle at Cana is the 1st of 7 “signs” that appear in the Gospel, in this case an act of creation (water to wine), a beginning. He went on to list the other 6 “signs” ending with the raising of Lazarus. It is God revealing his divine glory to us. Today people focus on Jesus as a great moral teacher and we tend to forget his divine nature.

  25. FredDaHead says:

    Father talked about the sacraments, particularly baptism, communion, and confession. He even mentioned the book of Revelation which, in my admittedly short time as a Catholic, I had never heard a priest mention, and talked about the significance of the lamb in Catholic imagery. The part that most struck me is that he said we could avail ourselves of the sacrament of confession over and over, and that we should, as often as we need to. Clearly a necessary reminder, especially for those who don’t read our wise host’s blog.

  26. ejcmartin says:

    Our regular pastor was away due to a death in his family, so our archbishop had to fill in. It was good to hear him quote John the Evangelist that anyone who say that they have not sinned is a liar. This was heartening because we do not hear too much about sin in these parts. It was all the more so as our archbishop was one of the signatories of the infamous euthanasia guidelines. Perhaps a first brick albeit a small one.

  27. torch621 says:

    EF Mass of the Second Sunday after Epiphany. Father came down hard on the movement to allow adulterers to receive communion. He specifically mentioned that many would call it an act of mercy when really it is the opposite. I wish I had recorded it because it was a beautiful smackdown.

  28. WYMiriam says:

    The *best* part of Father E’s sermon – which was very good — came before the sermon. It was his third time (that I know of) in the last month that he’s offered the Extraordinary Form (the second time being a sung Mass!!) — with heavy guidance from an experienced altar boy — and he said that he was glad to be able to offer this Mass when the regular priest is unable to, and that he sees the need to attend Holy Mass when the regular priest offers it, so that he can see just how it’s done — and then he thanked us all for our patience with him!

    It is SO. GOOD. to have him learn the EF in order to “spell” the other priest, who is elderly and not in the best of health. May God bless him and all our priests abundantly!!

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