Card. Burke goes to Guam – What’s up with that?

cardinal burke hatYou may, by now, have read new stories about how His Eminence Raymond Card. Burke has been “sent to Guam”.  He will preside over a canonical trial of a bishop who has been accused of sexual abuse of minors.

This is not some sort of punishment or banishment.

Dear readers, don’t freak out about this.  I’m getting hysterical email.

“Cardinal Burke was sent to GUAM?!? The Holy Father must really hate him!  What about the Knights of Malta?  Was he stripped of the Knights of Malta too?!?  It’s a conspiracy!  AAAARRGH!  I’M LEAVING THE CHURCH!”

Okay, that’s a summary, a compression of emails, not an actual email.  It gives you the idea.

No, I respond.  You’ve got this all wrong.  This is a good thing.

Think it through.  Pope Francis needs Card. Burke.

First, there is no one more qualified to preside over such a trial.

Moreover, there is no one with greater integrity, and, seriously, reputation for integrity, whom the Pope could have found to preside over such a trial.

Even the Cardinal’s worst detractors know of his integrity, which is why they smear him so viciously.

The powers that be might not like or agree with Card. Burke, but they know that he is a man of impeccable integrity and unmatched canonical expertise.   They know that there is no one better, especially in the Anglophone world, to handle this situation.

Also, this was determined quite a while ago, before the SMOM thing blew up.

So, unclench your backsides, breathe, and calm down.

No comments are necessary after this perfect explanation.

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