New Registrants, welcome!

There has recently been a flurry of new registrations to comment.  Great!

Keep in mind that I am not always near my computer and, therefore, I am not always able to review and approve registrations swiftly.  It is rare that it take more than a day.  Usually I get to see them withing a couple hours.  Travel can interfere, along with other things of course.

In any event, check back once in a while.  Sometimes I get emails from people who try and try to register only to find that they were already registered to begin with.  In those cases I issue a new, temporary password.

If you are going to register, use that “about me” box on the form to convince me that you are not a vile spammer who deserves to roast in the deepest cinders of Hell for eternity.  You don’t need to give me a biography or CV.  Saying something, for example, about favorite reading, or a patron saint or confirmation name etc. is quick way to show that you aren’t a Russian porn monger trying the doorbell.

I am using the moderation queue more and more.  This is how I keep the combox here from descending into fever swamp you see at other sites, especially liberal catholic swamps like Fishwrap.


Writing in the “about you” box: “my hero is Cardinal Burke” is never wrong.


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