The Three Days Of Darkness begin again

I didn’t want any of you to miss it, in case it slipped your mind.

The Religious Education Conference (aka The Three Days Of Darkness) is on in Los Angeles!

I’m sure there will be inspiring “liturgies” and talks replete with sound, clear doctrine.

What could go wrong?

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  1. TNCath says:

    And everybody thought Archbishop Gomez would be a refreshing change from Cardinal Mahony. I haven’t seen a lot of visible differences, most especially this liturgical and educational insult to Christ’s Church.

  2. Spade says:

    Why does that guy have a wok?

  3. dholwell says:

    I see Bishop Robert Barron is on the program. There are also a few good topics, scanning the program, like the importance of Catholics displaying spiritual images and symbols in their homes. It can’t be all bad.

  4. Why does that guy have a wok?

    My guess is that someone had the bright idea to put charcoal and incense in it.

  5. Mike says:

    If Catholics don’t resist this kind of ‘progressive’ incursion, we can only expect attacks by Satan’s minions under cloak of the ‘Spirit of Vatican II’ to increase in frequency and in force. However few we be in number, Catholics need to speak up and be heard in defense of the authentic Faith for the salvation of souls. This is what we signed up for at Confirmation.

  6. As a particular interest, at 20:00 (pacific time) tonight, they are having a concert on their online streaming link dedicated to the “wonderful” works of Marty Haugen, David Haas, and Michael Joncas, celebrating all they have done to make Catholic worship livelier.

    As for me, I will instead be participating in the first night of the Renaissance Polyphony Weekend held this year at Mater Dei Catholic Church in Irving, run by Dr. William P. Mahrt, a great promoter of polyphony and chant.

  7. Amerikaner says:

    I thought Archbishop Gomez was a member of Opus Dei?

  8. Clemens Romanus says:

    I wanted to attend that, but alas! my work (and flu caught from daughter) prevents me.

  9. Hans says:

    I think I just had a flashback to the ’70s, and I didn’t think I had ingested any of the hallucinogens that passed for fun in those days.

    Patience is needed, TNCath. Cardinal George (John Allen called him “America’s Ratzinger” in his obit.) was in Chicago for 17 years or so, and while the vast majority of young priests here are quite good, there is much that seems quite unchanged.

  10. Huber says:

    Judging by the picture, its a conference providing examples to the rest of the world on how not to do it.

  11. NBW says:

    Funny they open the conference the same day the witches are going to cast a spell on President Trump. I’m sure hope it’s coincidental.

  12. acardnal says:

    I’ve communicated to EWTN my view that they should NOT broadcast the opening and closing “mass” as they have done in past years because they are so revolting, moreover, if Mother Angelica were still alive she would not be pleased! She despised this kind of new age liturgy. I hope other readers here will inform EWTN of their views.

  13. Semper Gumby says:

    Lex orandi, lex credendi.

    The dancing and wok-thing in Fr. Z’s photo unfortunately resembles the Wiccan “Burning Bowl Ritual”- a video of this on YouTube if I recall.

    Meanwhile, (if I could add two items Fr. Z) the thousands of pagans/Wiccans/Satanists who gathered in San Jose CA last weekend for Pantheacon 2017 took their rituals and doctrine quite seriously.

    And for that matter, many occultists are taking the anti-Trump “binding” ritual which begins tonight quite seriously also. (The document for this ritual began circulating among obscure pagan groups a while back, and was popularized and placed on social media apparently by one Michael Hughes. Earlier this week local news outlets such as WBTV, KWES-TX, and San Francisco Gate picked it up. Yesterday this story was carried by HuffPo, International Business Times, Elle magazine, and the Weekly Standard. In pagan comboxes some pagans/Wiccans object to this anti-Trump ritual because of its “negativity” or because “rituals will return to the practitioner three-fold.” Others, however, have made quite militant comments about Pres. Trump and have “enhanced” their ritual.)

    St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle…

  14. wmeyer says:

    So perhaps we should use the same prayers for this as for the witches?

  15. jgrigorian says:

    So depressing!

  16. Poor Yorek says:

    Picture brought back (unpleasant) memories of the song “Kung Fu Fighting.”

  17. Poor Yorek says: “Kung Fu Fighting.”

    Hey… I liked that song when it was used in Kung Fu Panda!

  18. Ann Malley says:

    Flipping depressing. How anyone could actually sit through such a kiddie show is incomprehensible.

  19. Poor Yorek says:

    @ FrZ Hey… I liked that song when it was used in Kung Fu Panda!


  20. majuscule says:

    Semper Gumby–

    Goodness! I never heard of Pantheacon. Did they get carried away with Wiccan rain dances or something? San Jose flooded!

  21. MrTipsNZ says:

    Spade: he has a wok because his wifle coudn’t shoot dah wabbit. And you can’t cook some good o’ witchy stem widout a wok………

    I’m more concerned for the poor woman on the right having a grand mal seizure.

  22. APX says:

    I watched Bishop Barron’s talk on YouTube. He is spot on with the need to bring back traditional philosophical argumentation into the classrooms, schools and catechetical classes in order to help bring the millennials back into the Chiurch. He spoke a lot about St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas and blatantly told them that what we have now is “not what the Vatican II Fathers wanted” and made reference to singing lame happy songs to millennials.

  23. Cincinnati Priest says:

    Among the many scary things found in the program listing for the “workshops” (I hate that word, because that usually mean ‘leftist indoctrination sessions’) is this:

    1-11 Pope Francis and the Emergence of a Truly Pastoral Magisterium

    With Pope Francis’ pontificate, we are witnessing an important new stage in the development of a postmodern papacy. Fifty years later, Pope Francis is realizing Pope St. John XXIII’s vision of a truly pastoral magisterium.
    Translation: It is about time we have a pope who doesn’t care much about preserving doctrine any more.

    I hate the mis-use of the word “pastoral” almost as much as I hate the word “workshop”

  24. Semper Gumby says:

    majuscule: Good one about these Pantheacon people getting carried away with rain dances. It seems that if these confused souls were offered a blueprint for an ark and a coupon to Home Depot they would rather clutch their pentagrams and run into the woods.

    Pantheacon is held every year at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, and several nearby hotels and houses. Here’s several of the 100+ activities from their website: “Talk With Odin at the Hearth (channelling); Don’t Fear the Beast (Satanist Aleister Crowley); Antifa101 (how to organize anti-Trump protests). Curiously, Introduction to Drum Circle began at 11 pm.

    Some of the groups sponsoring hospitality suites at Pantheacon were: Pagan Homeschoolers Assoc.; East Coast Pagan Network; and Sharanya- a group that has as its goal “reclaiming Hell.”

    There are over a 100 large pagan events in the US annually- Canada and Europe have their own also. The largest events last a week and are on private property, or at a rented county fairground or park. Pagan Spirit Gathering (since 1981) is one such event, with 150+ activities during a week in June in Illinois.

    Some of these activities at pagan gatherings include: training pagan prison ministers, training children in “co-operative playing” and other activities, gender awareness, political “antifa” training, and of course various occult matters.

    A few pagan gatherings are geared to a certain type. In Virginia in March is “Brotherhood of the Bog.” For pagans who don’t like all that patriarchy there is “Where Womyn Gather” in Pennsylvania in June. Bonus for these attendees: this event has not a Goddess but a Triple Goddess. Quote: “There is Gyrlspace for the young and a Marketplace for all to enjoy the creations of Craftswomyn.”

    But the great majority of pagan large gatherings are geared to all rather than a specific subset. Then there are the thousands of smaller gatherings of covens (Wicca), groves (Druids), oases (OTO) etc. throughout the year and on pagan holidays.

    One more large gathering- not sure what to make of this one as it seems more Barbarian than Pagan. In 2010, it seems, a desert meetup began for fans of the Mad Max films. Last year 3,000 attended (from as far as Australia) in combat boots, Viking helmets, and gas masks. Vehicles such as ’79 Camaros were fitted with mermaid heads and harpoons. This September “Wasteland Weekend” will be a five-day event. The YouTube videos are amusing with the opening day events at a ramshackle compound in the desert, but the nocturnal events are a bit disturbing. Death metal bands, graphically simulated executions, simulated etc., the whole post-apocalyptic wasteland thing.

    Whether pagan or barbarian, these large events tend to be a bit more leftist politically, and some of the individual activities a bit darker year-by-year.

    I have to get back to work, but a thought occurs. Perhaps Fr. Heilman (Combat Rosary, Nineveh 90) can establish a Church Militant Camp. There would be a daily TLM and Procession. Eucharistic Adoration. Activities would include How to Build the Perfect Catapult and Other Siege Engines; The Ablative Case: Your Good Buddy; Baseball and Aquinas: Proof That God Really Loves Us. Children would dress as Hobbits. In the chow tent, tables would be groaning under the weight of platters of roast beast and flagons of Birra Nursia. Vegetables would be optional.

  25. iPadre says:

    Fr. Z: And I thought you would be asked to give the keynote by now! ;-)

  26. iPadre says: keynote

    I know! I waited by the phone for weeks.

  27. bobk says:

    Spade, if you gonna talk the talk, you better wok the wok.

  28. bobk says:

    At 15:00 the solemn application of the smokescreen begins…………
    Sometimes censing makes no sense.

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