Glaswegians! ACTION ITEM!

Some time ago I asked the readership if anyone had ever seen a stained glass window of Moses at the cleft in the rock from Exodus 33.

Someone came through and I am deeply grateful!

From a reader…

I remember a while back you asked if anyone had seen a stained glass of Moses in the cleft of the rock. We’re visiting in Scotland and I saw this at the Cathedral of St. Mungo in Glasgow. Not the greatest quality, but the best I could do.

window Moses cleft Exodus

May I ask any Glaswegians out there to get a really good image?

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  1. EC says:

    Will ask around at the Scots’ College…

  2. Deo volente says:

    Father, must it be a stained glass window? This artist is painting such an image and it can be found here:


  3. Gabriel Syme says:

    Dear Fr Z,

    I am in Glasgow and would be willing to have a crack at this on your behalf! I was actually in the Cathedral for the first time in January, when the first Catholic Vespers since the reformation* were held.

    (*The Cathedral has been occupied by Presbyterians for a number of centuries now, but we will get it back in the end. The Church of Scotland will go bust in ~20 years at its current rate of decline. Interestingly, they mostly refer to it as their “Cathedral” instead of their “High Kirk”. A cynic might be led to think the term “High Kirk” doesn’t attract as many tourist dollars as does “Cathedral” – but I digress! Haha!).

    My concern is that the relevant window could be at significant height and so it might be difficult to get a decent photo of it.

    The picture you post is a part of the Moses Window. I found this photo of the entire thing, but perhaps not in sufficient detail for your requirements:

    It is the 8th picture down, at this link. You can see the ‘cleft in the rock’ section in the top left.

    It perhaps worth emailing the High Ki….I mean Cathedral, as they seem to have started a series about their stained glass on their website in 2010, but have stopped after a couple of articles, here:

    Perhaps they have a good photo in their records? I understand the stained glass is relatively modern and so they might well have good pictures of it.

    In any case, the next time I am in the vicinity I shall see if its possible to get a photo of this window for you, unless the photo linked is adequate.

    At the reformation, much wonderful Scottish Catholic history, relics, architecture etc was lost forever. Fortunately, enough sanity prevailed in Glasgow such that the number of people wishing to defend the Cathedral outnumbered those wishing to destroy it – and the building was saved.

    It is notable that the ecclesial communities which the reformation birthed in Scotland have themselves produced nothing of the stature of the Cathedral, nor of the several ancient Universities which the Church bestowed on Scotland.

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