My View For Awhile: Fatima Edition

I’m off again to give a talk at a parish to kick off their series for the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima.

A choice parking spot!  When you travel a lot, it’s the small things.

One connection today.  I’ll ask a prayer for smooth travels without glitches so that I get there on schedule: the event is tonight.


The other day I posted about the … difficult child on the 10 hour flight from Rome.  By way of contrast, in the gate area today a young dad was walking about with his little stupor munro, whom I had seen a few minutes before just walking with lot’s of concentration and unsure feet (age?).  Anyway dad walked with child at high port, as the kid’s limbs and head bounced with absolute relaxation.  Then he? she? began to laugh.  It cracked up the entire gate area. Laugh laugh laugh in all possible modulations.  Bounce laugh bounce laugh.  


I wonder if the pilot or corporate decides what music is played as we board.  This morning it’s “Goooood bye, Ruuuuby Tuesday, who could hang a name on you?”. A bit unusual.


Tools of travel.


I’m reading Saverio Gaeta’s book about Fatima.  He carefully picks apart all the existing data about the publication of the “Third Secret”, lays it all out.  Inter alia, Card. Bertone doesn’t come out of this looking very good – so far.  But we knew that already, didn’t we.

An example of how Gaeta presents data:


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  1. SKAY says:

    Prayers said Father. Your description of the child made me smile too. Have a safe trip.

  2. Ed the Roman says:

    My father used to play marches and go through the Landing Party Manual with us when we were small. It was great fun for all hands.

  3. Will these Fatima talks be recorded and made available on the internet?

  4. DawnML says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in a few hours in Grand Rapids

  5. Mojoron says:

    Gaeta in inglish? Por Favors?

  6. andia says:

    Could you please let us know if this is available in English? I would love to read it.

  7. albizzi says:

    ” Inter alia, Card. Bertone doesn’t come out of this looking very good – so far. But we knew that already, didn’t we.”
    Card. Bertone, or “the party line” (Fr Gruner)

  8. Gus Barbarigo says:

    Yes, please, when Saverio Gaeta’s book on Fatima becomes available in English, kindly link to it!

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