My View For Awhile: Homeward With Chant And Shakuhachi

I’ve had a great couple of days in Grand Rapids MI. It’s time to go home.

The talk I gave to kick off the Fatima series at Sacred Heart parish – an amazing place, more later – was well received by a full church.

On Sunday I heard confessions during an NO Mass – well prepared – and had the Sung TLM after.  In the evening there was a wonderful evening with some parishioners and the pastor Fr Sirico.

Visits here are always edifying.

But I’m heading home and I’ll be glad for some days without jet lag and a suitcase.

For the first leg…

Marvelous…  US HERE – UK HERE



Next leg.

I’m reading a book on Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel so this seems appropriate…

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  1. Ocampa says:

    Next week I’m getting on a plane for the first time in 8 years. In the time since, all I’ve heard are stories about invasive screeners, TSA agents feeling up 5 year old girls and 65 year old nuns, passengers getting dragged off the plane, and some dangerous birthday cakes that remind me of the old trope about baking a cake for a prisoner with a file in it. And that’s all before the plane even leaves the gate. I miss the days when all we had to worry about was crashes and hijackers taking us to Cuba.

  2. frjim4321 says:

    I hope you can get downtown to stroll the river.

    Wonderful city.

    Great Bishop!

  3. outreachasia says:

    Fr. Z,
    As a Delta pilot, now in my 39th year (former 1978 North Central, Republic, NWA) I sure do enjoy all of your Delta postings. I was sad to see MSP-Rome go away.

    Vir bonus habeat trinus,


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