Rome – Day 5: Food and Fabric

I really enjoy the simple meals that I assemble from walking through the markets and by the shops.

Pizza bianca, tuna, tomato, lettuce.  It is hard to find better.

I’ve been going to the same green vendor in the Campo for… 20 years?

More goodies.

So simple.  So inexpensive.  BANG! Flavor.

But in the evening, something a bit fancier.

The little elephant near Gammarelli and other clerical shops.  Today, I started negotiating the BLUE VESTMENTS for 13 October.

Heading to supper.

First, vitello tonnato.  Have you ever had it?

This is actually aglio, olio, pepperoncino, but they already gave it a dose of cheese to produce a creamy, garliky, spicy effect.  I would do it differently, but it was good.

A favorite fish which I didn’t choose to eat.

Roast suckling pig.

Back to vestments for a moment.  Given the fabric we have, perhaps these cinctures would be good for the “Marian” blue set.  These were seen at Barbiconi today.

For the lining?  Maybe?   Not sure.  I am debating the blue with gold or the blue with silver.

Shades of blue.

BTW… this is what a page of the “work order book” at Gammarelli looks like.

You can see that they have been making progress.   I covered the side (with prices) with the edge of a new fascia that I will eventually have.  I’m getting a traditional one with tassles instead of fringe for when I serve the bishop’s Masses.

Strolling… a pop into Santa Brigida.

Jasmine is blooming.  The fragrance is awesome.

A pomerium stone.

More jasmine.

From my morning stroll to San Pietro to meet with the Commandant of the Swiss Guard.

Evening again.

Today, I said Mass for my benefactors.  It is an honor to say Mass for you dear readers.



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  1. wanda says:

    Thank you for the photos, Fr. Z. A virtual tour of tastes, churches, smells, there can’t be anything so close to heaven as the scent of jasmine, can there? The fabric is beautiful, I vote for blue with silver, blue as in the picture showing the blue against the silver.

  2. edm says:

    For whatever it ‘s worth, Father Z,
    Blue fabrics often fade. Even fabric for lining. We have a wonderful cope which started out with a lovely blue lining but has over the years become a not so wonderful shade of purple. Same happened to a different fabric used in an antependium in the Lady Chapel.

  3. PatriciusOenus says:

    “that I will eventually have.”

    We all hope and pray that that day come sooner than later!

  4. MitisVis says:

    The tuna pizza looks fabulous, vitello tonnato I have never had, and I
    believe our Lady loves blue and gold

  5. I’m thinking the middle cincture (the blue and gold) would be just stunning when combined with shade 96 of the cloth. Especially if you could get the trim or embroidery with the same gold tint, if that makes sense.

    Our Lady, as MitisVis says, loves blue and gold. What better combination?

  6. kyle says:

    I want to go to Rome with Fr Z.

  7. SpesUnica says:

    I vote for silver, Father. Gold can look overwrought if it isn’t just the right tint with just the right blue…but to me, silver is lovely, subtle, under-spoken but precious…just like Mom!

  8. Giuseppe says:

    Superb pictures, Padre.

    So is it likely blue vestments will be allowed soon? Would they be for all Marian feasts?

  9. PTK_70 says:

    FWIW…..I picked up a tie in Japan recently which is light blue with mainly silver-ish accent lines but also has yellow-gold accent lines. Anyway, to me it has an attractive appearance.

  10. Animadversor says:

    And for the other side of the coin: an article from Hell’s Bible and the site therein mentioned.

  11. akdo says:

    What will you be using the blue vestments for? I was under the impression that blue was not an official liturgical color.

    [Keep reading the blog for a while! o{]:¬) ]

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