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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand. We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below.

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I still have two pressings personal petitions.  No, I actually have THREE now.  I can’t get a break, it seems.  Ut Deus….


During this 100th year commemoration of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, remember the central message Our Lady gave to the Church and to the world: penance and reparation for sins and for the conversion of sinners.  

Off your sufferings in reparation for sins and for the conversion of sinners.


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  1. John Grammaticus says:

    for pressing personal intentions

    I will of course pray for those who post here.

  2. mysticalrose says:

    This may be a superficial petition, but in your charity would you please pray for some good news for my family. It seems that we have received nothing but bad news . . . for almost 4 years. Unbelievably bad news. We just need something good or something to look forward to.

    We will remember everyone else’s petitions in our family rosary.

  3. Cafea Fruor says:

    I just got the most disappointing news at the office today. I still have my job, but I’m totally getting the short end of the stick out of everyone the news involves. I’m stuck in a bad situation and am being overlooked yet again. I should probably look at moving on, but I have no direction–despite so many prayers–as to what I should/could move on to. Please pray for me for direction.

  4. Cafea Fruor says:

    You definitely have my prayers! I feel for you because I’m in the same boat. I feel like everyone else around me keeps having great things going on for them, and for me, it’s always one more bad thing. Will add you to my intentions during my rosary tonight!

  5. beelady says:

    I will pray for the petitions of all who post here and Father Z’s 3 personal petitions as well.
    Will you please pray for healing for my husband, Patrick? He was recently diagnosed with several heart problems. He has been on a medication since March, we won’t know until late June if it is working or if he needs an invasive procedure and/or an implantable defibrillator.
    I would also appreciate prayers for myself (Kim). Some days I find it very difficult to trust in God’s mercy and I am over-whelmed by worries about our future.
    Thank you

  6. Moro says:

    For the grace of a good job. I graduated a year ago and I’m still seeking a full time opportunity.

  7. AnnTherese says:

    Let us pray for our country, our world, and all leaders of governments in this critical time– for wisdom, integrity, and desire for the common good over personal or political interests.

  8. Marc M says:

    I have a friend, 30s, still recently married, who has been battling cancer for a couple of years. It was going the right direction for a time, now it’s back and much more aggressive. She’s at Mayo now for something that sounds like an all-or-nothing treatment. Please pray for success, for her healing and consolation, for her husband, her family, and also that she will find her way back to the Church she was raised in during this time.

    Also, please pray for me, and for my wife. We’re both seeking help for depression.

    If anyone needs good news, I’m also thanking God for a couple of wonderful answers to prayer. Someone close to me recently came back to the Church after many years away, and much prayer. Also we’re grateful for a new baby in the family, my first nephew, whose mother is herself a cancer survivor who was not sure she would be able to conceive after her treatment. Mom and baby are happy and healthy! Praise God.

    Those above and those who will post further, you all have my prayers.

  9. a catechist says:

    Please pray for me, that my errors and shortcomings don’t disrupt the good work I’ve committed myself to.

  10. VexillaRegis says:

    Please pray for a good outcome for me in an important job related matter. Please also pray for two health problems of mine and for my family in general.

    So many friends are ill or going through divorces – prayers are really appreciated here.

    Our parish is in dire need of a new good and reasonable pastor.

    Thanks for your prayers. I will pray for you!

  11. bibi1003 says:

    Please pray for my friend who has battled 3 kinds of cancer and found out two days ago she has a brain tumor.

    Praying for all of your requests.

  12. ocleirbj says:

    For my son, turning 38 today, struck down with Guillan Barre syndrome on the weekend. He is in the ICU, paralyzed, intubated, and sedated. His variant of this is unusual, maybe longer-lasting than others. His feet have begun to move, though – this is a good sign. Pray that his recovery is not lengthy. That his wife and children (age 5 and 3) will be all right. And that during this difficult time they will all turn to God. I will be praying for all your intentions as well.

  13. yatzer says:

    I will pray for all these intentions. Please include prayer for my friend who just learned of a serious health problem and will lose her pension if she cannot finish out the few months of work she needs to qualify.

  14. Nan says:

    Prayers for all.

    For those praying for good news, I understand completely. I spent several years dealing with many horrible things and finally have good things happening in my life. You are in my prayers.

    It can be difficult to remember how great His love for us is or to interpret the difficulties in our lives as manifestations of that love. Whatever you do, cling to the barque of Peter, where Truth lives.

    Remember that Mother Teresa said that it is when He seems furthest that He holds us closest.

  15. l_math says:

    Please pray for my mother’s cousin Heidi, who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Also, for a young man named Eric who I was asked to pray for by my godmother; he died shortly after graduating from college in (I believe) California. Also, for myself, that I may overcome any doubts and see clearly what God wants me to do.

  16. GypsyMom says:

    Please pray for a good Catholic family who is undergoing severe problems which are tearing the family apart. There is so much pain and heartache for this family and for their friends.
    Also pray for a dear friend whose husband has left her after 26 years of marriage for another woman, and for his conversion.
    Praying for everyone’s intention here. Thank you, also, for prayers for employment that were answered after two years.

  17. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    For Mr. Sergio Gutierrez, the father of four boys who serve Mass in our parish. He is dying of cancer, and is no longer receiving treatment, as I understand the situation.

    We’ve just learned that my son’s wisdom teeth are impacted. Prayers to St. Apollonia and to the Infant Jesus of Prague, please.

  18. FloridaJoan says:

    Praying a rosary for all of these intentions

  19. jameeka says:

    Special intention please. Thank you and I am praying for all your petitions, and the ones which have gone before.

  20. aviva meriam says:

    I will remember these intentions in my prayers.
    Please in your charity, pray for three urgent intentions of mine and my family? The last 15 months have been extraordinarily difficult and these three needs are indeed, urgent.

    Thank you

  21. Liz says:

    For Fr. Gordon J. MacRae to be able to say mass again. (Fr. George David Byers is asking us to pray to St. Padre Pio for Fr. MacRae.)

  22. Swedenhorse says:

    I like the silver the most because it brings to mind “Our Lady’s color”
    My spouse voted bronze??

  23. VexillaRegis says:

    Dear friends, please pray for me today as I have an important doctor’s appointment. Pray that there isn’t anything wrong with me.

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