Help Carmelite nuns who make altar linens

There are several groups of sisters whom I like to support.  I just received a note from another: the Carmelites of Port Tobacco.

Frankly, I had to look that up to see if it was a real place and group.  It is!  HERE

They wrote that they have handmade altar linens available for sale.  HERE

May I make a suggestion?  Find out if your priest has an upcoming birthday, or anniversary, or some such, and get him a set of linens.

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  1. marty5519 says:

    I would be interested in buying a set of these linens if I could get the cross in the red Jerusalem Cross style.

    [Contact them!]

  2. When I was in my mid thirties and trying to discern what God intended for me Re marriage, I contacted these wonderful Sisters and wrote to the Mother Superior for several years. I will gladly support them in this endeavor!

  3. M. K. says:

    I have a set of altar linens from these nuns and the quality is great – I heartily recommend them to others. I also visited their Carmel once and they’re a solid group – readers passing through southern Maryland might enjoy paying them a visit.

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