Card. Burke’s May 2017 talk about diabolical forces in the Church

A friend in England alerted me to this video of a speech given in Rome last May by His Eminence Raymond Leo Card. Burke.

The Cardinal speaks, inter alia, of diabolical forces that have entered the Church in our time.

Contrast Card. Burke’s talk with the way some other bishops talk today.

If you want just the audio:

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  1. Amerikaner says:

    It is no surprise to see Cardinal vs Cardinal & Bishop vs Bishop when the hierarchy did not work to be fully united to the Holy Father/s in the consecration of Russia to the Virgin Mary. Today’s heterodoxy and open fracturing, no doubt, is a spiritual effect of this. The timely and proper consecration would not only have had it’s fruitful effects upon Russia but surely upon the unity and faithfulness within the Church as well.

  2. Kevin says:

    Fr.Andrew Apostoli has done the most extensive study to date on the Fatima story for his book ‘FATIMA FOR TODAY’. Cardinal Burke himself did the forward.

    Cardinal Burke says in that forward.
    “Two principal controversies surround the apparitions and message of Our Lady of Fatima, namely, the controversy over the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the controversy over the third secret. These controversies sadly have distracted from Our Lady’s maternal instruction and have hindered others from attending to it. Fr. Apostoli addresses both with the greatest respect and care. Placing them within the context of the complete account of the apparitions and message of Fatima. He resolves them through the careful consideration of all that was taught to the three little seers by the Mother of God.”

    Fr Andrew has no doubt that the consecration was carried out as requested and is having a profound effect in Russia. Listen to the talk below. @(56mins).
    An otherwise sound and most faithful Cardinal Burke is losing serious credibility if he is still going on about this.

    Seems to me we risk getting close to superstition by requiring a specific wording. Considering his country’s history and his people’s suffering growing up. you can imagine the depth of heartfelt focused inner prayer JPII would have prayed during that consecration. Our Lady never said the prayer had to be audible.
    To insist on an audible specific wording I feel is self serving, vain and calls into question the value of interior prayer.}

    It’s antics with semantics!

  3. RobertK says:

    So what is St. Michael the Glorious Archangel, who I thought was my brother, doing about it. Why doesn’t he ever manifest himself to us?. Where is the great army of Angels. Are we to good to be shone their appearance. No excuses!!. Am I praying to AIR!. I never once heard an angle speak to me. I guess I’m not worthy, even in suffering!!. Sure Lucifer and his legion can possess people manifest themselves to whoever they choose. But not Gods glorious army. An army of dead beats in my book !!. Thanks Michael for being their when people need your help!!. Show yourself!!!

  4. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    RobertK wrote: “Thanks (Blessed Archangel Saint ) Michael, for being their when people need your help!!. Show yourself!!!”

    What a privilege, RobertK, to experience the silence, the darkness, the feeling of abandonment that characterized the suffering that Our Lord and King underwent on our behalf, particularly during His agony in the garden, during His betrayal by Judas, His humiliating arrest, when His supporters and companions abandoned Him, during the seemingly endless night when He was in Pilate’s dungeon; and during the following day, when He was unjustly condemned, when He was scourged, mocked, crowned with thorns, forced to carry the heavy cross through the streets amidst the jeering crowds, and at last nailed to the wooden beam and left to die a slow and excruciatingly painful death. While His mother looked on, with her few companions, including the one faithful disciple.

    And He cried out in His agony, expressing just the feeling you seem to be expressing in your post, “My God, My God, why have You abandoned me?”

    Please, RoberK, as soon as you can, please go to the Blessed Sacrament, kneel before His Divine Majesty, and whisper to Him the joy and the gratitude you desire to possess, because He has graciously vouchsafed to allow you to share a taste of His agony. That’s how we grow in our relationship with Our Savior and King, by uniting ourselves willingly to Him in His sufferings, and by resigning ourselves to the will of the Most Holy God, as He did.

    And one day soon, I hope, the ineffable joys of His most glorious Resurrection will be yours, as well.

    God bless you, Robert!

  5. LJ says:

    I think it may require some humility on our part to accept the working of God, but He has his own way despite our thoughts on how he should do things. And likewise, our Lady of Fatima, who is in that will of God, may well see the answer to her request that Russia be consecrated, fulfilled in the great movement in Russia in recent years back into the Russian Orthodox Church.

    Whatever his faults, it is clear that Vladimir Putin is encouraging Russians to return to the Church of Russia, albeit in schism with the See of Peter. Considering conditions in Russia within my lifetime I can say that this is a very significant change, from open and violent government hostility to the Church, to ambivalence and now to encouragement, such as it is.

    Is it the result of our Lady’s prayers and the consecration that we have been assured was done? Perhaps. And perhaps it is a further prod to the west and the east to sit down in prayerful good will to heal the schism finally, despite the declarations of impossibility from naysayers and partisans on both sides.

    Recent Popes have taken this seriously, but from all I have heard, the issues that divide have grown over the centuries, well beyond the original stated source of the schism. Ways of thinking must change on both sides before there can be healing of the breach. But it is well worth entrusting to the intercession of our Lady of Fatima.

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  7. RobertK says:

    Marion, do you really think that Christ’s suffering was any worse than a young girl getting acid splashed in her face. Or so called infidels being tortured and decapitated for absolutely no reason, but to participate in Gods great plan. Not even thinking about the dreams or hopes those individuals had. I can document worse forms of suffering. I have knelt before the blessed sacrament for years. And still!. Not a peep!. Not an answer, or assistance, to my hopes and dreams. I’m just a pawn!. When Michael the Archangel shows himself before my own eyes. No dreams, visions, etcc…. When I seem him as clear as day!. With my own eyeballs. Than I will show him what our glorious father and his free will game has allowed. I’m no longer a pawn to God, Michael, and Lucifer. If suffering is what it takes get Love. Than they can continue to play their stupid game of good vs evil!. I want no part of it!!. We all have little time on this world. If I can’t have a physically and spiritually, beautiful wife and children, on earth and in heaven. With flesh and spirit. Than I want no part of heaven or hell, or purgatory. Than God has proven to be a failure to me!.

  8. Marion Ancilla Mariae II says:

    My dear RobertK, your last comment reminds me so much of my younger brother Pete.

    Let me tell you about Pete. He is *brilliant* and although he never finished college, his long-time friends from his college years now possess doctoral and post-doctoral level degrees from Harvard and MIT, and Pete and they still keep in touch. They keep in touch because people of extraordinary intelligence enjoy bouncing their thoughts off the minds of other people of extraordinary intelligence. They treasure people who possess this quality.

    Also you never met a kinder, more generous soul than Pete. Once, not long after college, he was at a party – more like a mob scene – in a small-sized house. People milling around in both front and back yards. It was quite dark outside by the sidewalk, streetlights out, and suddenly a hand grabbed Pete’s arm and a voice said, “Gimme your wallet.”

    I don’t remember what Pete said to the guy, but after a brief conversation, they ended up sitting on the curb together talking about the would-be robber’s life. At one point, Pete went into the backyard and got them both a beer, while they continued talking. Unbelievable. At last the would-be robber thanked Pete, and disappeared into the night, without taking Pete’s wallet or his money.

    That’s Pete. A unique and wonderful guy. But he has a mood disorder. And sometimes his mind kind of races, and then he can get upset, very upset. And the whole world appears dark and evil to him. And he begins to feel a terrible despair. And he even blames God. He’s even said some pretty blasphemous things to me about God. I chalk it up to the mood disorder.

    Please, I very much hope you won’t be offended, if I tell you that I wonder if something similar to what my wonderful, brilliant and generous kid brother has going on vis a vis mood, could also be in the picture for you, RobertK. Your above comment reads so much like what my darling Pete has said to me so many times when he’s having one of his really “down” periods. A terrible thing.

    A doctor – an M.D. – has helped Pete so much, and these awful black moods are now a thing of the past for him. RobertK, I want you to check in with your doctor, too, and share with him or her the turn of mind you’re been experiencing lately. It need not be that way, good sir.

    I hope I don’t offend with this story and these comments. I write with all due respect and concern.

    May God bless us, every one.

  9. RobertK says:

    It has nothing to do with mood changes for me. I don’t need to go and see a doctor. A doctor isn’t going to dial St. Michael on the telephone and tell him that someone needs to talk to him face to face. I’m fine!. It’s up to Michael and God to make the next step!. This is a spiritual issue and not a physical or mental one.

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