FRANCE: Court Orders Removal of Cross Above Statue of John Paul II

Mesdames et Messieurs…

Breitbart reports:

French High Court Orders Removal of Cross Above Statue of Pope John Paul II

The French administrative court has ordered the removal of a cross from a monument to Saint John Paul II in a public square in the northwest of France, saying it violates the secular nature of the state.
Italian media noted the irony of the ruling, remarking that the cross-removal is not taking place “in Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State in Syria, but in Brittany, in the heart of Western Europe.”


The Church’s eldest daughter!

The New catholic Red Guards would be pleased.

Crush the Four Olds!

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  1. Alexander Verbum says:

    Odd that they would not take down the statue of John Paul II as well. Of course, maybe they don’t see him as a entirely religious figure. Removing JPII and keeping the cross would have been the better option.

  2. Mightnotbeachristiantou says:

    From my unsderstanding there is a petition to review the case.

    If you wish to sign the petition, États-Unis is the United States in French. The list of countries is in French.

    I attained the link from Regina Magazine’s Facebook page.

  3. Son Of Sobieski says:

    The government will endeavor to, “save from censorship” a statue of Pope John Paul II in France. “We will offer to transfer it to Poland, provided that we receive the consent of the French authorities and the local community”, Beata Szydlo, PM of Poland.,1144711,french-monument-to-polish-pope-may-be-moved-to-poland–pm-tells-pap.html

  4. adriennep says:

    As if you could possibly remove the Cross from John Paul II! The one who recognized himself as the bishop in white killed under a hilltop cross in the third secret of Fatima vision? As if St. John of the Cross wasn’t his early intro to Carmelite spirituality. As if Pope John Paul II alone among world leaders didn’t plead with the EU to include at least some small reference to Christianity in its constitution. As if he had not survived the tyranny of both Nazism and Communism growing up in Poland. You cannot separate the two. Woe to anyone who tries.

  5. Ben Kenobi says:

    Alas the whole cultural revolution against the west proceeds apace. Glad to see Father Z has picked up on the Maoist overreach again.

    Look at the sad story of Campion. Fr. Z and the priests in the west need to be aware that time is short and preparations should be made. Catholics who own their own homes need to be prepared to preserve our holy priests. Soon the state is going to do what they did in England and force them into submission. Many will succumb.

    God bless you Father Z!

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