New sacred music disc: Renaissance Polyphony of Portugal for Our Lady of Fatima

The great folks at St. John Cantius in Chicago – where they have a fine sacred music program – have a new disc:

Renaissance Polyphony of Portugal for Our Lady of Fatima


Too bad it didn’t come at the beginning of the 100th year!

Hmmm… the narratrix doesn’t sound like she’s from Chicago. What’s up with that?

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  1. JMody says:

    She learned to talk in a cell with no contact with the outside world except video lessons from Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, and the MASH TV character, Charles Emerson Winchester III.

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  3. Sancta Missa says:

    St. John Cantius has this cd on its bookstore (Biretta Books):

    St. John Cantius Presents: Renaissance Polyphony of Portugal for Our Lady of FatimaSt. John Cantius Choir of Saint Cecilia

    1. Salve Regina, Diogo dias Melgás
    2. Magnificat secundi toni, a 5, Manuel Cardoso
    3. Tiento sobre la Letanía de la Virgen, Pablo Bruna
    4. Dulcissima Maria, Francisco Guerrero
    5. Regina Caeli, Duarte Lobo
    6. Ave Maris Stella, Manuel Rodrigues Coelho
    7. Virgen bendita sin par, Pedro de Escobar
    8. Ave virgo sanctissima, Francisco Guerrero
    9. Magnificat: Versos de Quarto Tom, Manuel Rodrigues Coelho
    10. Beata Dei genitrix Maria, Francisco Guerrero
    11. Alma Redemptoris Mater, Aires Fernandes

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