Of “Trick or Treat” and portents

The other day I wrote (HERE) of a sense of looming portents.  As haruspex I gazed into the liver of beast, and wondered aloud whether some change might be coming to the Temple of Jerusalem (overly dramatic and apocalyptic) or, perhaps in another temple, “personnel in, say, the Office of Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations.”

Granted that the close collaborators of the Holy Father meet with him regularly, and granted that we are coming to the close of a liturgical year and the beginning of another, at today’s Bolletino I saw:

Aut dulcia aut ludos, Sancte Pater!

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  1. SenexCalvus says:

    Procul dubio Sanctus Pater sibi ludos eliget quia dulcedo veritatis in ore impii amarior est quam amaritas erroris ipsa.

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