Our new ‘catholic Cultural Revolution’s Red Guard. Their cadres and their tactics.

1968 – “The 3 July and 24 July proclamations are Chairman Mao’s great strategic plans! Unite with forces that can be united with to strike surely, accurately and relentlessly at the handful of class enemies.”

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Mao and other leaders signaled to the masses, such as gangs of students, whom they should target for attack and public abuse.  Quickly the mobs, led by party cadres, began to conduct purges of “enemies of the people”.  In those dark days even the slightest suggestion that you were a counter-revolutionary, a foreign agent, an intellectual or a capitalist roader (e.g., anyone whom you don’t like), could result in your being condemned in a public mob trial, physically abused and humiliated, exiled to hard labor, or thrown out of a high window.  Children learned to tattle on parents and neighbors and turn them in to the Red Guards for “struggle sessions”.   Forgetting or misquoting a slogan from the Little Red Book, could instantly result in your dwelling being trashed, your head shaved, a sign strung around your neck as for hours you performed kowtow to the People begging their forgiveness.

At rallies of the Red Guard, Lin Biao urged the mob to destroy the Four Olds: traditional customs, culture, habits and ideas.  What those were, exactly, was hard to specify, but they enthusiastically wrecked havoc, destroyed and assaulted.

In a letter to his infamous wife, Mao wrote in 1966 of his determination to create “great disorder under heaven” in order to achieve “great order under heaven” down the line.  Hence, he and the high leaders gave vague signals about whom and what traditional things and thoughts to target, and the mob did the rest.

Something of the same dynamic is rising in the catholic Left.

The new catholic Left cadres have received signals from on high and they are now starting to target anyone whom they deem might not tow their party line.  They are whistling and pointing to Enemies of the People.

A perfect example of this can be found today in the synergy of a liberal liturgy blog, Pray Tell, and homosexualist activist Jesuit Fr. James Martin.

Complete with laudatory showcasing of Martin Luther.

Pray Tell, on 22 October, posted about the content of a communication sent from the office of the Vicar General in the Diocese of Madison to all the priests of the diocese.  Each Saturday, the VG’s office sends a kind of “saddle bag” of useful information to the clergy.  The VG’s saddle bag of 21 October contained the VG’s thoughts about funeral rites for those in same-sex relationships.  Apparently, a disgruntled Madison priest sent it to a sympathetic Pray Tell.

Today, homosexualist activist James Martin opened fire against Bp. Morlino on Twitter, picking up from Pray Tell.

Martin post 5 TWEETS about this.  Here is the first.

It should be made clear that this first tweet attack on Bp. Morlino, is not accurate.  The thing Pray Tell picked up was a communication from the Vicar General’s office, not from the Bishop.  It was not a statement of diocesan policy.  Clearly, there cannot be a “one size fits all” policy for complicated situations.  What the communication said is that each situation had to be thought through “thoroughly and prudently” and that they could consult with the Bishop.

It is disturbing that a priest of the diocese would so betray his bishop in this manner, but this is a fallen world.  That’s bad, but oh well.

What is more disturbing is the trend building among the catholic Left, of building an Enemies List.  It’s downright evil.

So, James Martin, SJ, smeared Bp. Morlino – in public – and with something inaccurate.  Now watch the black and chilling sleet of hatred that he initiated… on purpose.

I suspect the Jesuit doesn’t care, because his task was fulfilled.

Like a zealous cadre who is “on message” about destroying the Four Olds, Martin worked in conjunction with a liberal blog to signal an “Enemy of the People” to the mobs.

As you read blogs or watch Twitter, watch for this phenomenon, the pattern of, first, an accusation (even with something untrue or inaccurate) from one of the cadres of the chaos (e.g., James Martin SJ, Antonio Spadaro SJ, Thomas Rosica CSB, Michael Sean Winters, Robert Mickens, Gerard O’Connell, Joshua McElwee, Andrea Grillo, Austen Ivereigh, Massimo Faggioli, etc., and entire publications  general such as Fishwrap, The Tablet (aka “The Bitter Pill” now pro-abortion), Jesuit-run Amerika, Commonweal, La Croix, etc.), followed by the echo-chamber of hate and division.

And please don’t even try to tell me to tone down the rhetoric.  Not today.


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  1. jaykay says:

    Jung Chang’s “Wild Swans” is required reading for that desolate period of Chinese history. One anecdote I remember concerns a poor young girl who, trying to curry favour, went to write an “approved” party slogan on a wall: “heartily applaud Chairman Mao” or some such. Anyway, she got the characters wrong and it read something a bit different. In fear, she killed herself. It’s a great book: do read it.

    [That’s great recommendation. I’ll add it to my Wish List right away. The description reminds me a little of To Live.]

    The preface to Peter Kwasniewski’s latest book is by Martin Mosebach, from a lecture he delivered earlier this year. It shows how the “left” demonised H.H. Benedict XVI, der Panzerkardinal and all that. How different the reality was. How different it always is from their derangement.


  2. AveMariaGratiaPlena says:

    Oh, man, do we need to pray for the Church.

  3. Clinton R. says:

    The war is well underway. On one side are those Catholics who adhere to all the Lord taught and His Church has steadfastly promulgated and defended for the last 2 millenia. On the other side is a faithless, scheming brood of vipers who despise the Lord and His Holy Catholic Church. They seek to inject their poison into the Bride of Christ. They care not one wit about the salvation of souls. May Our Blessed Mother pray for us. St Michael, pray for us and defend us in battle. +JMJ+

  4. Archlaic says:

    I rarely read “Pray Tell” (or “Tell-Pray” as a priest-friend calls it) but I chanced to follow a link to it today while looking for something else, whereupon I saw the hit piece on Bishop Morlino. When I encountered it earlier it ascribed the communique directly to the bishop as you noted. I actually read it, vainly hoping to find some attempted justification for their apparent pique, but it is just -smugly- “posted without comment”. None is necessary when you post something in an echo chamber. Indeed, their signal was received, loud and clear, by the bien pensants!

    (“Worship, Wit, and Wisdom” indeed… I’ll limit myself to the observation that I’ve never seen any actual “wit” therein, and the principals do not strike me as the sort of folks capable of laughing at themselves when necessary… Your rhetoric is on tone as far as I am concerned, but I’m sure there will be a thread over there shortly, analyzing every jot and tittle of this post, the comments, your motivations, dispositions, etc.)

  5. KAS says:

    “Tone it down?” Not when you are completely correct and amazingly calm and reasonable in how you point out the truth of the situation. Nothing there to tone down in my opinion.

    Does anyone else find what is happening in our Church, country, and world rather surreal? Like reason has vanished? I am finding these times dis-orienting and the only stability in all creation is the ancient teaching of Catholicism.

  6. TonyO says:

    My heart bleeds for Bishop Morlino. Prayers in that direction, certainly.

    Somehow we must find the right pathway to rightly and properly denounce evil when it must be denounced, but NOT fall prey to the very evils they are engaging in, including slander but also detraction. It is inevitable, even necessary, that good men will sometimes leave an evil unpublicized because of the need to avoid detraction. But PUBLIC actions need be handled with such kid gloves. There is no detraction in pointing out how someone’s evil acts – which are ALREADY public – are evil. To make clear their nature and horror is a service to the truth, and is not something mean, nasty, or evil-minded to speak up about them. But always: with charity. This is essential. Charity is love of God, first, Who is the Truth, and love of man in reflection of that love of God.

  7. Elizabeth D says:

    Vicar General, whom local people who know him widely consider would make a good bishop, should put out another notice elaborating about the beautiful funeral Mass that persons who repent of whatever sort of sexual sins, begin to live chastely, confess their sins with true sorrow and do penance then persevere in continuing to live chastely in Grace and Charity can have–it being the case, and very beneficial to make visible on earth, that there is more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 righteous persons with no need of repentance.

  8. majuscule says:

    Does anyone else find what is happening in our Church, country, and world rather surreal?


  9. Huber says:

    Regarding anyone praising Luther, they should read Pope Leo X’s Exsurge Domine.

    “With the advice and consent of these our venerable brothers, with mature deliberation on each and every one of the above theses, and by the authority of almighty God, the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and our own authority, we condemn, reprobate, and reject completely each of these theses or errors as either heretical, scandalous, false, offensive to pious ears or seductive of simple minds, and against Catholic truth. By listing them, we decree and declare that all the faithful of both sexes must regard them as condemned, reprobated, and rejected . . . We restrain all in the virtue of holy obedience and under the penalty of an automatic major excommunication….

    Moreover, because the preceding errors and many others are contained in the books or writings of Martin Luther, we likewise condemn, reprobate, and reject completely the books and all the writings and sermons of the said Martin, whether in Latin or any other language, containing the said errors or any one of them; and we wish them to be regarded as utterly condemned, reprobated, and rejected. We forbid each and every one of the faithful of either sex, in virtue of holy obedience and under the above penalties to be incurred automatically, to read, assert, preach, PRAISE, print, publish, or defend them. They will incur these penalties if they presume to uphold them in any way, personally or through another or others, directly or indirectly, tacitly or explicitly, publicly or occultly, either in their own homes or in other public or private places. Indeed immediately after the publication of this letter these works, wherever they may be, shall be sought out carefully by the ordinaries and others [ecclesiastics and regulars], and under each and every one of the above penalties shall be burned publicly and solemnly in the presence of the clerics and people.”

  10. Irish Timothy says:

    All I have to say is GOD Bless Bishop Morlino. Truly a Bishop of our Lord’s one true Chruch

    Fr. Martin – I’ll pray for you. Best leave it at that

  11. Midwest St. Michael says:

    “Does anyone else find what is happening in our Church, country, and world rather surreal?”

    It is beyond surreal. It is mind-numbing.


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  13. Fern says:

    When people start complaining about “tone” one can be pretty certain that one is on the right track! Keep up the good work, Father.

  14. SenexCalvus says:

    Fr. Martin’s tweet is yet further confirmation that we are now confronting the vilest and most widespread heresy to plague the Church in half a millennium. The time has come for all of us to pray most fervently to the great Saints, Blesseds, and Servants of God (most especially among the last, the great expositor of the True Faith Fr. John Hardon) of the Society of Jesus to put an end the errors of their sons and confreres. Who better than the faithful sons of St. Ignatius can call their erring brothers back to the Truth? Whatever one may quip about the Jesuits, for every one of today’s liars, there labored in days gone by a hundred faithful but nameless lay brothers, teachers, missionaries, pastors, and retreat masters. After our Blessed Mother, we have no greater ally in the war against heretical Jesuits than St. Ignatius himself.

  15. Semper Gumby says:

    “Its purpose was to restore revolutionary spirit and discredit the pragmatic.”
    -Joshua Muravchik, former socialist, writing in 2002 on Mao’s Cultural Revolution

    “The Christian…imagines the better future of the human species…in the image of heavenly joy…We, on the other hand, will have this heaven on earth.”
    – Moses Hess c. 1846

    Moses Hess (1812-1875) was involved in the early 1840s with the liberal/radical newspaper Rheinische Zeitung, to which Marx and Engels soon contributed articles. It was probably Hess who steered Marx and Engels to Communism. Hess and Engels wrote, c. 1847, the “Communist Confession of Faith. ”

    Marx and Engels, obsessed with economics and worker’s revolution, soon broke with Hess because Hess insisted on some sort of ethical foundation to Communism. Hess, late in life, apparently returned partially to the Judaism of his youth and became involved in “Labor Zionism,” and asked to be buried in a Jewish cemetery.

    By 1875 Hess’s two pupils, Marx and Engels, had already set the stage for the murderous atheistic regimes of the 20th century. As we have seen well-documented on this blog, some of the anti-Catholic propaganda and belligerent vocabulary of those regimes are now used today, knowingly or unknowingly, by certain clergy and laity within the Church.

    God Bless the Extraordinary Ordinary Bishop Morlino.

  16. Elizabeth D says:

    I am going to say it again: the way to counter this, it seems to me, is appropriate and even relentless emphasis on how happy God is when people repent. This is placing emphasis on God’s mercy. In fact I taught a class for 1st Reconciliation to 2nd and 3rd graders this evening. I tell the stories of the Good Shepherd and the Prodigal Son, together with the life of Grace and how to examine one’s conscience. God is very happy when He has us back again. How do we make that Good News visible? Isn’t that the response to Fr Martin, in whose bridge building exercise there is an apparent absence of the dynamic of contrition, forgiveness, mercy and God’s joy at finding and embracing the one who was lost in sin and is now found in repentance?

    The only sadness is when people stay lost. Yes it’s sad when the circumstances are potentially scandalous and necessitate, for the good of souls, the kind of caution reflected in this note about funerals. I am just saying that should make us think (and steer others toward thinking, be they second and third graders or overly-famous Jesuits) about the fact that God is very happy when people do not stay lost and what Good News that is.

  17. Grumpy Beggar says:

    In a letter to his infamous wife, Mao wrote in 1966 of his determination to create “great disorder under heaven” in order to achieve “great order under heaven” down the line. Hence, he and the high leaders gave vague signals about whom and what traditional things and thoughts to target, and the mob did the rest.

    Appears to be , at the very least, a sibling (if not a twin) of that Masonic doctrine Ordo ab chao (order out of chaos)

  18. KateD says:

    Is this the agenda coming out of that meeting reported last week? If so, we know where they are going, likely targets. Those targeted by the left who keep speaking the truth are truly heroic.

  19. chantgirl says:

    Grumpy Beggar- Actually, the whole “hagan lio” war cry to me seems to flow from the same source as the Masonic “order out of chaos” doctrine.

  20. Aquinas Gal says:

    Mao’s quote ” to create “great disorder under heaven” seems disturbingly similar to “hagan lio!”

  21. MissBee says:

    I admit not knowing the process or remedy for such things, but I don’t understand why he is able to continue with his actions under the title “Fr.”.

  22. un-ionized says:

    Chantgirl, “order out of chaos” isn’t a doctrine of Freemasonry. The motto is correctly translated, “out of chaos, order.”

  23. Grumpy Beggar says:

    Hi @ un-ionized. Chantgirl was quoting me so I guess I’m the one who has to go to Confession . :)

    I’m not an expert in Latin (much better in French) but I have seen what you are saying, worded as , “Out of chaos comes order” ; the word ‘comes‘ not being literally present , but definitely implied.
    I was quoting from an article I read when I used the word “doctrine” as opposed to “motto”. I see doctrine as more of a philosophy or particularly in this case, a methodology ( as if a “motto” were being put into action).
    As I see it, the sequence appears to be their key:
    First, create the chaos/disorder (just like Mao thought ) so that the people will subsequently demand order . . . the price of which is eventually paid by a handing over of one’s own control and freedom to commensurate degrees.

    That’s what I meant. Maybe it wasn’t explained too clearly or accurately.

  24. Traductora says:

    Knowing that the Pope’s “favorite theologian” is a French nihilist named Michel de Certeau might also explain some things. Francis does indeed seem to enjoy creating chaos but I think it is really so that Marxism can be imposed out of this chaos. That was actually the theory of the early Marxists themselves.

    Interestingly enough, they tolerated the anarchists as sort of shock troops, allowing them to commit assassinations and terrorism throughout Europe – but then hauling them out and shooting them once they were ready to impose the new Marxist order, having destroyed the old order with the help of the anarchists (political nihilists).

    So I don’t think any of this chaos is an accident.

  25. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Isn’t the “out of chaos comes order” a Nietzche quote?

    At least that’s what Howard Johnson said in Blazing Saddles.

    [?!?… really?]

  26. chantgirl says:

    Traductora- Interestingly, the same process is being repeated in Europe, and to a lesser extent, the US, with the open invitation to refugees who are from groups statistically prone to perpetrating terrorist acts.

  27. SKAY says:

    Great point chantgirl. Concerning the US and the open invitation to groups statistically prone to perpetrating terrorist acts, I wholeheartedly agree.

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  29. bigtex says:

    The ironic thing is that Adam Weishaupt, the German who founded the Illuminati/Freemasonry was very familiar with the Ignatian spiritual exercises. He even considered being a Jesuit priest at one time. He would pervert the spritual exercises to learn about the darkest secrets of his society members, and then use that as a form of sexual control. Read E. Michael Jones’ book “Libido Dominandi” to understand how they were able to separate passion from reason, which led to the French Revolution and the mess we are in today. The pornafication of our culture is just another form of control, and it’s well orchestrated. It’s no surprise Bergoglio is in bed with the Zionist Jews and Freemasons (St. Gallen’s mafia), and encourages the muslim invasion of the West. Hagan lio!

  30. aiello01 says:

    Leftists are Marxists regardless of their religious label.

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