PHOTOS: Pontifical Mass at the Throne – 13 Oct 2017 – @MadisonDiocese

On Friday 13 October, we had a Pontifical Mass at the Throne with the Extraordinary Ordinary of Madison, His Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino at the little church of St. Mary in Pine Bluff where Fr. Richard Heilman is pastor.

Here are some images from the Mass.  NB: Some of you readers helped to buy the vestments!   HERE


Out Lady of Fatima has been in the church during the anniversary months.



The size of the sanctuary required us to find a Roman solution for the sacred ministers.  We seated them on the steps of the altar, which worked well.  We’ve done this before.


We are getting good enough at these Masses that we were able to proceed with about 20 minutes of practice of a few rough spots.  The priests, who rotate through roles when we have these Masses, are pretty familiar now with the sacred action.

IMG_2931 IMG_2933 IMG_2939 IMG_2953 IMG_2954 IMG_2957  IMG_2958

There were people standing along the sides and in the back, and we put more chairs in the narthex.


Turning the housling cloths.  At this parish, even for the Novus Ordo Masses, everyone uses the rail and I don’t believe anyone receives in the hand anymore.

IMG_2982 IMG_2991 (2)


Fr. Heilman was one of the Deacons at the Throne.


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  1. St. Irenaeus says:

    Glad you were well enough. Did you get healed, as it were, or did you simply suck it up, or something in between? Prayer for you.

  2. St. Irenaeus says: Did you get healed

    No, I pretty much sucked it up and did my job.

  3. benedetta says:

    How truly beautiful.

  4. Eric says:

    Excellent pictures.
    The one from the narthex is cool. Alot going on there.
    You have the bishop with crosier and mitre, the tabernacle and crucifix over his right shoulder, the deacon seated in brighter light (seemingly the focus of the picture), the relics and flowers over him, and the statue of St. Patrick? over his left shoulder. That all is framed by the less focused narthex scene with the Angelus picture on the wall and the Vatican flag.
    All that is secondary to the cute little scene stealing kid sitting on his mothers lap behaving himself.
    Excellent picture!

  5. oledocfarmer says:

    Fr. Z —

    Are those domestic prelate-type duds you’re sporting? If so, congratulations! [That’s the proper choir dress of the MC for a Pontifical Mass. However, everyone must remember that I have, in my conscience, determined that I am an Internal Forum Monsignor. Everyone is now obliged to accompany me.]

  6. ejcmartin says:

    Sorry to hear you were not feeling better. Prayed for you at Fatima.

    [Grateful thanks.]

  7. wanda says:

    Beauty everywhere. Our Lady of Fatima statue especially lovely. I don’t expect to see anything quite like the Mass in the pictures in this lifetime. But I will pray doubly hard in the next for more and more like it.

    Praying that you will feel better soon, Fr. Z. You know the drill, rest, plenty of fluids and chicken soup!

  8. HighMass says:

    Fr. Z thanks for posting the Picture most beautiful this side of Heaven.

    Because I can not remember, Why does the Bishop not have the Mass Cards on both sides of the altar and in front of the tabernacle? [Bishops use a book called a Pontifical Canon instead of cards.]

    Also the Bishop presiding from the Chair? Intoning the Gloria, if i am correct? [The bishops celebrates at the Throne, in this case. He doesn’t “preside”. He does intone the Gloria and Credo.]

    thanks so much Monsignor Z.

  9. Kathleen10 says:

    It’s all lovely and all as it should be. I want to thank each one of you for being faithful to Our Lord and for maintaining our Roman Catholic faith as it has been and should be. Were it not for men like you, we would all be, well, you know where we’d be. So deepest thanks to you and may God bless you now and always.
    The vestments are wonderful.
    The little boy in the first picture, he is checking out the gear, who can doubt this is making an impression on his little mind. Future priest perhaps. Children have to see it to consider it.
    Fr. Z., (is it really Monsignor? It sounds appropriate.) is your neck still hurting? It sounded like a pinched nerve, a very sudden pain once you hit that “wrong” position. I hope today finds you feeling better. You suffered a bit this week.

  10. Word fail to express the beauty.

    Hope you’re feeling better. I’m sure your suffering did not go unnoticed at the Throne of Grace, if that’s any consolation.

  11. Cajetan says:

    Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling better, Father; it looked like a glorious Mass. You were in my prayers.

  12. HighMass says:

    Thanks for answering Father, Good to know, as it has been so many years since I have been to a Pontifical High Mass.

    God Bless YOU in all you do for Christ and His Church

  13. SKAY says:

    How wonderful. Thank you for posting the pictures Father Z. I am so sorry you were still not
    feeling well.

  14. ThePapalCount says:

    the photographs are great. What a beautiful celebration. And Fr Z you look great in choir dress….you’re a monsignor in my”internal forum” eyes too. Once you hit 65 your bishop should submit your name to Pope Francis ASAP.

  15. Semper Gumby says:

    Thanks for the great photos Fr. Z. Very nice Our Lady of Fatima statue.

  16. momoften says:

    Very nice photos. I love your cotta. ( I know, it may sound weird,but I love to see beautiful
    cloths, dossals, vestments, everything) God Bless You Father.

  17. 21stCentury Anglican says:

    Thank you for the pictures. They are lovely.

    I will offer the fifth Luminous Mystery for you.

  18. WVC says:

    Looks glorious. Glad you were able to stick it out, Fr. Z.
    As one who has suffered from chronic pain in my neck (often having it lock up for weeks), I will personally attest that the chiropractor has truly worked wonders for me. No idea your situation or if this is even applicable, but I thought I’d pass it on as it really has made a very big difference in my quality of life (and I haven’t had my neck seize up on me since).

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