Urgent Prayer Request

May I ask a prayer from the readership?  I am ailing and I must MC a Pontifical Mass this evening.  First, something is wrong with my neck on the right side.  When I move, it hurts like crazy.  Second, I’ve come down with a cold, which makes the neck thing really fun.  I have no energy and a lot of pain.

Please ask, on this most portentous anniversary, the Mother of God and Queen of Priests to intervene for me and lift both of these problems.

Thanks in advance.


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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Serviam says:

    You betcha :-)

  2. MaryW says:

    Prayers offered, Father.

  3. Clinton R. says:

    Hi Father,

    I am on my way to pray at the local parish during my lunch. I will pray for God to bless your health and ease your woes. May Our Lady, Queen of the Angels pray for you. +JMJ+

  4. TomG says:

    Prayers here, Father.

  5. Zephyrinus says:

    You’ve got it, Fr Z.
    Our Lady, Queen of Fatima, is watching your back.
    Go Get’em !!!
    Currently logged on to the Live Vid Coverage of the upcoming Pontifical Mass at the most beautiful Church of Saint Mary of Pine Bluff.
    Will hopefully see you moving effortlessly around The Sanctuary in about four hours.
    in Domino

  6. wanda says:

    10-4, Fr. Z. Praying.

  7. TonyO says:

    Ask, and you shall receive. Praying.

  8. benedetta says:

    Praying for you, Father.

  9. NBW says:

    Praying for you, Father.

  10. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Apply heat and take a good shower, unless you think it’s an ice thing.

    Also, if you think it might be muscles, look up some of those “pressure point” charts and tap around gently. (I’m assuming you’re already taking acetaminophen or such for your cold, which should help with pain.)

    St. Gemma Galgani helps with spine stuff, and St. Ursicinus is apparently the stiff neck man. (Although any of the saintly Patriarchs or Matriarchs knows all about His stiffnecked people… sorry!)

  11. hwriggles4 says:

    Oraciones por El Padre Zuhlsdorf.

  12. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Didn’t realize your posting time. I hope you are feeling better.

    If you are still feeling bad tonight, menthol/Vaporub is really good for a stiff neck.

  13. ts says:

    considering the anniversary of Fatima I prayed (as St. Jacinta would approve I believe) that your suffering would bring many souls to Christ and that your pains would be relieved just as Mass began.
    St Jacinta, St. Francisco, Sr. Lucia, pray for us!

  14. RichR says:

    I was getting ready to pray my evening Rosary, so now I have my intention. Starting…..now!

  15. Mariana2 says:

    Of course.

  16. Brightwood says:

    I’m praying for you throughout the day while on my knees planting 300 Peony roots.
    Also try taking some Potassium tablets, it does wonders for muscle pain .

  17. Liz says:

    Sorry that I didn’t see this, but I will pray for you now God being outside of time and all. I suspect the neck thing is related to the cold, but that’s just the mom in me coming out. God bless and keep you, Father. Actually, I did mention your name in our rosary intentions yesterday morning now that I think about it.

  18. asophist says:

    Dear Fr. Z, I believe you have dislocated one-or-more cervical vertebrae.
    In addition to prayers, you need to see a chiropractor, ASAP, if you haven’t done so.
    Also, ice the neck for 15-20 minutes at a time, twice a day and do mild stretching exercises.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery from one who has had much experience with this kind of thing.

  19. Jim Dorchak says:

    Fr Z
    Take this from someone who has Titanium bars in his neck, this is what you need to help relive the pain in your neck:
    1. Natural Calm ; it is magnesium basically in a powder form that you dissolve in water. It relaxes your muscles,,,,,,,,,,,,,, all your muscles. So do not get too far from a bathroom.
    2. Ibuprofen for inflammation and pain
    3. hot and cold; Hot water on the neck followed by cold packs followed by hot water, followed by cold packs. you get the idea.
    4. a better pillow.
    This is what works for me. I am not a doctor. I am a person who has neck pain and it works for me. Jim

  20. un-ionized says:

    Wry neck is a literal pain. Heat will work. I disagree that it’s a dislocated vertebra, don’t see a chiropractor for anything that high in the spinal column.

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