A “tour de force” about Protestants and Martin Luther

One priest in an email to me referred to this as a “tour de force” about Protestants and Martin Luther.

All I can say is… “Whew!”

Go to Crisis and read “Calling a Spade a Spade” by Angelo Stagnaro.


I can forgive Protestants and Protestantism for most things.

I can forgive Protestants for the Know-Nothing Party and their murderous Philadelphia Nativist Riot, the Intolerable Acts, Bloody Monday and the Orange Riots in New York City in 1871 and 1872. I forgive them for the “Blaine Amendments” which forbade tax money be used to fund Catholic parochial schools.

I can also forgive them for the KKK and for funding the Mexican atheist genocidal maniac Plutarco Ares Calles in his efforts to kill Catholics during the Cristero Wars. I can forgive them for calling any, and all, popes, the “Anti-Christ(s)” and “Whores(s) of Babylon.”

I also forgive them for supporting Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy by which the Church gained many of her modern martyrs. In addition, I forgive them for the Recusancy Acts and the fictitious, so-called “Popish Plot.” I forgive them also for the fact that as a Catholic, I shall never sit upon the British Throne though literally everyone else is allowed to do so.

I can forgive Protestants for The Troubles in Ireland and Oliver Cromwell and his engineered Potato Famine and the slaughter and military occupation of that country. I forgive them for the enslavement of 50,000 men, women and children who were forcibly removed from Ireland and sent to Bermuda and Barbados as indentured servants?America’s first slaves.


It goes on and on and on and on…

This puts into perspective the lack of enthusiasm some of us have regarding “celebration” of the 500th anniversary of the revolt.

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  1. The Eastern Orthodox would also have a lengthy list of things to forgive, but not against the Protestants.

  2. Therese says:

    I’ll bite: I forgive the Lutherans for giving ‘christian’ cover to Hitler’s final solution and for rejecting Boenhoffer’s urgent pleading to oppose the Nazis. (But they must stop claiming he was one of their own.)

  3. Mojoron says:

    Found this information on The Federalist. Both I and my parish priest got a hoot out of it.


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