ACTION ITEM – Petitions in Support of @BishopMorlino @MadisonDiocese

UPDATE 10 Nov:

See Church Militant… but before you do that… sign the petitions!

First, at LifeSite…. HERE    [as I write – 5253]

Then, at Change… HERE    [as I write – 5,469]


___ Originally on: Nov 4, 2017

If you are not up to speed about the horrid attacks underway against Bishop Robert C. Morlino of the Diocese of Madison (aka The Extraordinary Ordinary), you might start HERE and read backwards.

There is an online petition at, started be a hard-core lib authority hater (when that authority isn’t liberal). They are fantasizing that their petition could get Bp. Morlino removed. They have no clue at all about how things work, and they have zero interest in the truth about the person or situation they are protesting, but they haven’t let those deficits slow them down. They are simply trying to hurt someone… and that’s called BULLYING.

If you see that petition, read the comments to see what sort of folks they are.

I know of two counter petitions, in support of B. Morlino. Your ACTION ITEM… SIGN THEM.

First, at LifeSite…. HERE

Right now the petition stands at 2448. Let’s see how fast we can make that rocket. Send the link around to all your friends. Bloggers, pick this up.

Next, a petition at the site of The Remnant. HERE They have a supportive article.

They’re link sends to to a petition at, the same place where the smear attack petition is found. HERE

As I write, that petition is at 2299

OKAY!  You have your marching orders.   Be swift.

Fun fact.  At the petition, you can see the votes come in in real time.

Go! Do your thing and tell your friends.  Let’s make this move.


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  1. WVC says:

    Signed both. God bless Bishop Morlino!

  2. rbbadger says:

    Signed both of them. May the Lord grant Bishop Morlino many years.

  3. KateD says:

    Done and….done. Thank you to Bishop Morlino!!!

  4. otsowalo says:


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  6. Dialogos says:

    We caught part of Raymond Arroyo’s EWTN interview last night with Bp. Morlino. He came across as a reasonable, concerned shepherd, and not at all like the ravening bigot his critics portray him as. Thank you, Bp. Morlino!

  7. Ef-lover says:

    Just signed

  8. Michael Haz says:


  9. SKAY says:

    Signed both.

  10. Robert of Rome says:


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