The official Parodohymnodist strikes again! “Baby it’s Springtime now!”

Newly received from the official Parodohymnodist, Fr. Tim Ferguson:

Listening to one of my least favorite Christmastime songs, this popped in my head. I call it: “A dialogue between a traditionalist and a modernist”

Baby it’s Springtime now!

I really can’t pray – Baby it’s Springtime now!
The color’s gone grey – Baby it’s Springtime now!
This Mass is so bland – laity’s participatin’
So very bland – wait ‘til you hear the guitar band!

I’m missing the sound of chanting – Pelagian, stop your ranting.
The rev’rence ain’t here no more – The kneelers are off the floor
The Latin was so enchanting – you’re rabid and now you’re panting.
I just want to go out the door – The renewal is what you’ll adore!

We used to have schools – Baby, it’ Springtime now!
We all knew the rules – Look at the Springtime, wow!
I miss all the grace – you just miss the dusty lace
So sad it’s gone – You all must hail the coming dawn.

The doctrine was clear and warming – Doctrine can be so boring
At least I could’ve said that I tried – We now have parades for our pride!
I really can’t pray – Baby don’t hold out
I guess that it’s Springtime now.

I lived through Montini – Baby the Spring is here
Endured Pete Marini – It’s Spring, it’s clear
How splendid was truth! – sip more gin and vermouth
Why can’t you see – How magic all this can be?
How tragic all this can be?

I know that there’s hope in sorrow – Think of our bright tomorrow!
I know there’s life after we’ve died – Wait until this new stuff is tried!
I really can’t pray – Get over that hold out
I guess that it’s Springtime now!

But boy is it cold outside….

[Fr. Z continues…]

I checked with Zuhlio about recording this, but the whole duet thing…. well…

And I concur, this is not one of my seasonal favorites.  Perhaps this is the best use of it we will ever have.

Thanks and kudos to the Parodohymnodist.

If you don’t know the song… here’s Deano from 1959.

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