TIVERTON, RI – 28 Feb – SOLEMN TLM with @fatherz and @iPadre

For those of you near Tiverton, RI (and anywhere in Rhode Island is near Tiverton by default) tonight there will be a Solemn TLM at 7 PM (with deacon and subdeacon) for the close of the parish mission which I have delivered over the last few days at Holy Ghost Church where the legendary “iPadre” Fr. Jay Finelli is pastor.  MAP HERE

We really hammered away!

We are to celebrate Wednesday in the Second Week of Lent.  The Roman Station is St. Cecilia in Trastevere.

Here’s some fascinating trivia for you.

The first reading for Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form is from the Book of Esther, which is rather unusual.  We hear part of Mordechai’s prayer for protection for his people, the Jews, who were in mortal peril because of the machinations of the evil Haman.  The reading includes…

ne claudas ora te canéntium … shut not the mouths of those who sing to You

Remember, this would have been read and sung for centuries at St. Cecilia’s Basilica in Trastevere.  It is possible that this phrase from the Station Mass reading was an influence in associating Cecilia with music, thus resulting over time in her being seen as the patron saint of music and church musicians.

Also, you might remember that Esther interceded with the Persian King to save the Jews in exile from certain death.  This reversal of fortunes is celebrated by the Jews as the Festival of Purim.

It happens that today, when sing Esther in church for Mass, is the Jewish feast of Purim.

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