VIDEO Fr. Murray and Prof. Royal on some tough issues

The other day my friend Fr. Gerald Murray and Prof. Robert Royal were on The World Over offering some analysis of present issues.

I think you will find it useful. They get into it near the 5:00 mark.

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  1. Jenson71 says:

    One would think the Pope desiring cultures, religions, and countries living peacefully among each other despite their differences would be rather non-controversial. St. JPII taught likewise:

    “Without failing to affirm the force of the evangelical message, in today’s lacerated world it is an important task for Christians to be people of dialogue in order to resist that clash of civilizations that at times seems inevitable.”

  2. MacCheese says:

    This is well worth viewing, and listening very carefully to what Fr. Murray says.
    Fathers clarity is exceptional.

  3. Benedict Joseph says:

    Watching it last Thursday evening was a profound consolation. Fr. Murray is truly a superior man. His clarity of thought, his ability to articulate complexities with precision and fortitude are often jaw dropping. I am sometimes disappointed with Mr. Royal. Sometimes he couches his insights and offers too much slack to those requiring correction. That was not in evidence on Thursday.
    Mr. Arroyo is to be congratulated on this facet of his work at EWTN. These discussion between these three every few weeks is an invaluable contribution to the faithful in this very trying epoch. EWTN must provide more of this cutting edge analysis. It is truly what is exists to do. Mother Angelica must be smiling broadly on these too infrequent Thursday evening presentations. Sometimes I wish she was still with us in order to set things straight for now everyone, but our Lord knew best to preserve her from the heartbreak of these days. She is in safe harbor, away from the peril provided by the hands of men. God willing the men and women who constitute the EWTN enterprise will have a double portion of her spirit as things devolve. She gave EWTN to the laity for a purpose — so be not afraid and do what your mother told you to do. I here certain individuals in Rome avoid Catholic blogs to preserve their mental health. EWTN can’t be ignored. Speak the Truth to power. Prudently and with respect of course, but frankly and fearlessly. Otherwise there is little purpose.

  4. David says:

    I love Fr. Murray’s contributions to these discussions, since it is so obvious that he thinks the Vatican has gone off the deep end, but he’s a good priest and doesn’t want to scandalize people by being quite so blunt. I liked Raymond Arroyo’s shuffling papers and shaking his head at the end, too, as if to say, “This is all just crazy to me.”

  5. Kathleen10 says:

    Jenson, I don’t know what you are talking about. Maybe I misunderstand, but in my opinion you have not delved into reality, you are talking pie in the sky daydreams about cupcakes, while people are suffering and dying here. You can’t “dialogue” with Communist China, when lives are on the line. There is no dialogue. It is an evil regime of total godlessness, where life is cheap and people are tortured and killed at the whim of the powers that be. Real people, not worth less because we don’t live there, thank the good Lord. How can anyone dialogue with that. The church is capitulating to Communist China, the totally godless government of China, taking out actual bishops and inserting Communist plants. Communist plants!
    I have almost reached my absolute limit with this pope and these men. Between the apostasy and the sodomites and the insanity and the people who defend the apostasy and the sodomites and the insanity, I’m goin kookoo for Cocopuffs.

  6. ArthurH says:

    A old HS friend, a big fan of SofG Abp Fulton Sheen, just sent this to me yesterday: One of Sheen’s later talks on the nature of the demonic, the diabolical.

    After the initial few minutes of Sheen’s usual jokes and witticisms, Sheen addresses where things were for man and the Church when he was speaking 45 or so years ago. He would be turning over in his grave if he saw where we are today. One may use whatever adjective one chooses, but for me, Sheen’s choice for what we are experiencing are dead-on correct.

  7. HighMass says:

    The Church is in deep need of Prayer, and another St JPII & Pope Benedict XVI.

    So much confusion in the Church today

    Blessed Mother Pray for Us

  8. Jenson71 says:

    My comment was more general than Chinese relations, following the general criticism of the commentators on EWTN to the idea of the Church transcending “the clash.”

    But specifically to China: of course the Holy See is willing and should be willing to communicate with the Chinese government. We’re talking about a State that had a concordat with Nazi Germany and often attempted (and engaged in) dialogue with the Soviet Union in even their darkest years. Do you really think something like a disagreement over the authority to appoint bishops is going to persuade the Catholic Church to give up attempts on working with a government? That’s a lot more drastic than any of the other criticism I’ve heard others make of the apparent concession to China.

    So maybe you don’t like it and think the Vatican shouldn’t engage in the type of diplomacy that hasn’t always been blemish free, but that’s a separate argument than being enraged at Pope Francis because he’s allegedly some pro-sodomite anti-Christ that’s causing you intellectual distress. [No comment on the validity of that allegation, by the way ;) ]

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  10. HvonBlumenthal says:

    Father, you have so far not given your take on the Chinese situation, and it would be extremely useful to have your ever reasonable thoughts.

    As an utterly unreasonable traditionalist I see it as another example of Vatican double standards – sure, we can’t go on forever rejecting the illicit government backed chinese catholic organisation, but it’s quite different when it comes to the SSPX.

  11. Stat crux dum volvitur orbis says:

    I grew up in a communist country. And I see how Vatican rapprochement with communist regime resonates within the society 30 years later . Non-Catholics: “So you claim to be a moral authority while having X as a bishop?”.

    What Vatican is doing in China is worse I ever experienced. Chinese government intents to completely destroy the Church in China. These communist bishops are tasked with that destruction. Now they have full Vatican support. This is a disastrous policy.

  12. David says:

    I spent the evening recently with three young priest friends, all of them graduates of elite secular colleges before entering the seminary, and all having studied in Rome at some point, one to do a doctorate in Moral Theology there (i.e., these priests are not eccentric outliers). They told me they felt sure the diplomatic corps of the Vatican was full of atheists.

  13. pac76 says:

    If you imagine a scenario where the communists appointing bishops becomes problematic, it seems like it would be difficult to undo a situation where a dictatorial communist government appoints the bishops.

    So this and the issue of who they select as bishops now seem like a big deal to me. May God guide the Pope and protect the Church.

  14. Mike says:

    Raymond Arroyo’s faithful service to the Truth and to the Great Commission clearly raises hackles in high places. Papal insider Fr. Antonio Spadaro of “2+2=5” renown has seen fit to imply through a proxy that EWTN should be placed under interdict until they dismiss Mr. Arroyo. It would seem a good idea to pray for all involved.

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