My View For Awhile: Delta Delayed Edition

I am lingering in Providence… which doesn’t sound so bad on the face of it. Alas, I’m at the Providence airport and not heavenly Providence.

Since Saturday I’ve preached the Masses and parish mission. We concluded last night with a well attended Solemn Mass.

And so I head back West with the likelihood of many hours of delay if they can’t get us out of here soon enough for me to make my connection in DTW.

Moreover, we are to arrive at terminal B and my connection is at A73. If you know DTW you know what that means.

Meanwhile, I confirmed with someone here that this is indeed the team’s ride:

More later.



And I’m reading the new CDF letter


WELLLLL…. this flight has been diverting.

Engine trouble.   We were diverted to Hartford.

I was in premium and happened to be first to the gate agent who after some serious and long calls to The Whatever High Atop The Thing, got me on the next flight to DTW in time, theoretically, for The Last Plane To Mad City.

It seems it is snowing in DTW.

This reminds me of the line from Holy Writ: “Let your flight be not in winter.”

Will Father Z get home?

Will he be stuck in Detroit?

Stay glued.



I’m on an airplane again. I MIGHT make my connection in DTW if everything goes well. I’ll have about 15 from our scheduled arrival to scheduled departure which is at the other end of the airport.

As I took my seat some gal was singing a song playing over the PA, “Everything’s going my way!” She seemed pretty cheerful about it.

In other news I got upgraded.

UPDATE 00:02AM  2 March

They delayed my flight from DTW to MSN.    They delayed it until TOMORROW.   So, I gave a priest friend a jingle and I’m staying overnight at a parish.   I am fortunate.  I heard one guy on the phone say that there weren’t any hotels available within 30 miles.

That said, I have a ferociously early flight.

I had planned on making the Friday LENTACAzT when I got home tonight… yesterday… whenever.  Now it’ll be a little late.


I’m back at the airport for a 0600 departure… scheduled. Even with my level and clearances etc. it took an hour to get to the gate. And I’m told it’ll be really crazy here in an hour or so.

Quite a few people spent the night in the airport. Some of them perhaps got more sleep than I did, but I got to see a priest friend for a while.

That said, I’m now pretty sick of this trip. It’ll be good to bring it to a conclusion.

Meanwhile, I’m told that poor Beans has been trying to harm my reputation on Twitter, which, while predictable, is also sad. Apparently he is against converts who come into the Church as believers.

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  1. Dad of Six says:

    I would anticipate some delays at DTW, as we’re due for 5-8″ of snow today here in the Metro area.

    That’s the bad news. The good news is that the upcoming weather will be perfect for maple sap flow…above freezing during the day and below freezing at night for the next several days. Hooray!

  2. iPadre says:

    Safe travels!

    Awesome mission. My people loved you. And the priests enjoyed your company. We look forward to your return.

  3. acardnal says:

    Yup. Heavy snow reported in Detroit – but not MSN. And over 300 flights into DTW delayed.

    Verified account
    now2 minutes ago
    Heavy snow has been falling in Detroit much of the afternoon with Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport reporting over 300 flight delays so far today:

  4. Discerning Altar Boy says:

    Thank you for the mission Father!
    If I may, you were waiting in Warwick. They call the airport Providence for dubious reasons, and it is a great source of consternation us Rhode Islanders.

  5. Kathleen10 says:

    As far as I’m concerned TF Green is a dream airport. I’m so annoyed with Delta, always my go-to airline, I’m determined to find a replacement. How dare they roll over so quickly on this NRA thing. These corporations are horrible, cavers and capitulators. Nobody has spine anymore.
    I’m glad the mission went well. The people attending were very fortunate. Safe and happy travels Fr. Z.

  6. Charivari Rob says:

    Green diverted to Bradley? Wow!

    My sympathies, Father. Both nice places, but not if you’re really trying to get over them to someplace else on a timetable.

    I’ve had some New England/northeast flight diversions in my time, but never that one. They might have showed a little consideration and diverted you to Worcester. O’Brien is so much closer to the Trappists – you could have made a pickup at their brewery.

  7. Mariana2 says:

    You make the LentcaZts one by one?! They’re all such perfect little gems of art history, erudition and piety, not to mention music, that I thought you had carefully composed them in advance.

    Safe (and non-irritating) travel, Father!

  8. Mariana2 says:

    Yes, we converts are a nuisance. We actually believe and profess all that the holy Catholic Church teaches, and have the effrontery to demand that the old hippie type cradle ones do so, too. Shocking stuff!

  9. hwriggles4 says:

    Fr Z:

    While the complimentary coffee looks pretty good, I hope you are able to take a nap this morning from DTW to MSN. A few weeks ago, I was able to get a good 3 hours sleep between MIA and DFW on a red eye. I was glad I did since I had an hour drive home, and a cold rain was in the forecast. Fortunately, I made it home a few hours before the rain.

    Appreciate you taking the time to do a parish mission – It’s quite a bit of work to have others covering the homefront when a priest is out on another assignment.

  10. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Nooo, you don’t want to sleep at Detroit Airport. They have birds in the roof, and so in the decorative trees they have anti-birdnesting recordings of hawks that they play.

    Every. Three. Minutes.

    All. Night.

    Kreeeeee! Squawk squawk squawk squawk. Kreeeee!

  11. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Also, it gets really cold in Detroit Airport at night. I don’t care if you are wearing a blanket, a winter coat, and a sweatsuit, and it’s the middle of summer. You are going to freeze your tuckus. And you can’t get anything hot to drink. The only thing to do is stay awake and binge watch soccer anime on your computer, assuming the wifi is working good.


  12. Julia_Augusta says:

    Beans is bored . . . And jealous of you, Father. Because I told him on Twitter that you helped me come back to the Church and because of you, I have been going to Confession and Communion often. So, you are going to get a big bonus in heaven and Beans is going to. . . . [open his heart and make some changes.]

  13. Unwilling says:

    Father, please offer some clarification of the meaning and authority as well as some spiritual advice re responding to the CDF document you were studying.

    [It’s a letter of the CDF, so it is worth looking at. However, it doesn’t seem to be all that … interesting. It demonstrates that the CDF still exists, which is good. It also slightly clarifies the Pope’s own loose use of what are technical terms.]

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