Arizona ‘c’atholic Rep. @IselaBlancAZ distorts Pope Francis, Church on abortion, contraception

While I was in L.A. I met with some pro-life heavy hitters in Arizona.  I was told of a recent debate in the Arizona House about a bill – SB1394 – touching on pro-life issues.

I asked for some information to post and this is what I received by email.

During the course of the debate, [catholic] Rep. Isela Blanc (pro-abortion representative from Tempe) misquoted Pope Francis stating that the pope was now in favor of contraception, sterilization and abortion.  She further said that the Catholic Church has evolved on the issue and is no longer even using the rhythm method.

Rep. Grantham swiftly got up and stated that as a Catholic, he didn’t appreciate the mis-characterization of Pope Francis.  He then read the entire interaction that Pope Francis had, and in the proper context.  He further went on to boldly state that the act of abortion IS evil and that the Catholic Church has not softened its stance at all.

Video Link:

First part of the discussion: Minute marker 6:38 – 1:01:46
Second part of the discussion: Minute marker 1:07:00 – 1:52:25
*Note: Rep. Blanc misquoted Pope Francis (1:35:13 – 1:38:44)
*Note: Rep. Travis Grantham corrected Rep. Blanc (1:38:52 – 1:41:46)

In the defense of Catholic teaching, Rep. Grantham mentions Pope Francis’ own mention of Paul VI’s alleged statement about African nuns who were threatened with rape.  That’s a rabbit hole, but he made his point well.

What was truly shocking was the allegedly catholic Rep. Blanc’s complete misrepresentation of the Church’s teaching about contraception and abortion.

Why is this episode important?

This legislature deabte underscores how critically important it is for parish priests and bishops to teach congregations fully and clearly what the Church really holds on these and all other moral issues, especially when in other spheres of the Church there is a lack of clarity which is subsequently obfuscated and twisted even more by the secular press and by liberal catholic outfits such as the Fishwrap and just about anything run by Jesuits.

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  1. cpt-tom says:

    “This legislature debate underscores how critically important it is for parish priests and bishops to teach congregations fully and clearly what the Church really holds”

    That would be a lot easier if the Holy Father would be clear and concise in what he says and has allowed written about him. It would be helpful if he wouldn’t create confusion by giving off the cuff interviews on planes to reporters who are hostile to the Church. Clarity of defense of the Church’s teachings has not been a hallmark of this papacy. This doesn’t absolve the parish priest and bishops of their responsibilities, but it sure gives the short and dirty end of the stick.

  2. JustaSinner says:

    I think she’s angling for the lower, LOWER, levels of Hell in her retirement years. You go girl, ride that dragon right down the line, WAAAY down the line!

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