Archbp. Sample’s good sermon at the National Shrine

The other day I posted about the great sermon that Archbp. Sample gave at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception for the Pontifical Mass in honor of the 10th Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum.   While I posted a video of the whole Mass and noted the start time of the sermon, here is the sermon itself.

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  1. taylorhall95 says:

    Some of my friends and I watched the Pontifical Mass in our university’s Catholic student center. It was the most beautiful mass I have ever seen! And of course, Archbishop Sample’s sermon was right on the money about how a growing number of faithful Catholic youth are being drawn to the TLM.

    Please everyone (especially other youth) share this sermon (and/or the video of the Pontifical Mass) with your family and friends so that they can be introduced to the Church’s Tradition.

    May the days of guitar masses, praise and worship, neo-conservative compromising with the world, and the widespread amnesia about Church history finally come to an end!!

  2. frjim4321 says:

    It’s lengthy due to the necessity of speaking slowly in that acoustic. I wonder if there is a text available.

  3. Sawyer says:

    @ frjim4321, a transcript of the homily is available at this link:

  4. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    A transcript of the sermon is posted at

    Thanks again to Fr. Z for highlighting this event. It is having an impact. The Catholic Herald (the UK’s best Catholic newspaper) says that the Archbishop’s sermon has gone viral.

    But, people, these things don’t just happen. It takes a tremendous amount of volunteer effort and hard cash, especially for the broadcast and the magnificent choir of the Shrine. The Paulus Institute needs to raise $35,000 to defray the expenses and leave a little in the till to prepare for next time. Please help by giving at or visit and use the Donate button. This is your opportunity for “participatio actuosa,” even if you weren’t there and were only swept away by the video. Please spread the word through your social networks. Every little bit helps to bring the next Pontifical Solemn Mass at the Basilica that much closer. This is a national, becoming an international, event and a strong building block–lots of bricks–in the restoration of the Sacred Liturgy. Thank you!

  5. thomas tucker says:

    This is what a Pope should look like.

  6. Henry Edwards says:

    Transcript of Ab. Sample’s BNSIC sermon: HERE

  7. HighMass says:

    for sure Thomas, miss seeing the Holy Father in his pontifical regalia like Pope Benedict always used.
    Surprised this Mass was allowed in D.C. as It seems the archbishop there is not in favor of the TLM.

    And a Yes the young people that are experiencing this Holy Mass , it is truly breath taking, most beautiful Mass this side of Heaven

  8. monstrance says:

    How much of effect is this great Archbishop having in his own diocese ?
    I’m aware of the Dominican Rite being offered at Holy Rosary Parish in Portland.
    Beyond that, I’m not sure.
    The Pacific NW is the great unchurched – so he has his work cut out for him.
    But then again, maybe his calling is far beyond.

    [If people and priests want it, they’ll work hard enough to have it. I have no doubt that if the Archbp. saw people taking initiative, he would back it.]

  9. Absit invidia says:

    Now, to apply these words to the Archdiocese that he controls … we in Oregon are still in a 5 year holding pattern

    [“control” an “archdiocese”…. like Portland? Good one. It may be that you need to take some initiative.]

  10. Henry Edwards says:

    “The Paulus Institute needs to raise $35,000 to defray the expenses and leave a little in the till to prepare for next time. Please help by giving at or visit http://www.thepaulusinstitute.organd use the Donate button.”

    The article The Latin Liturgy Appeals to Catholic Youth by Fr. John Perricone in today’s Crisis Magazine post explains how the work of the Paulus Institute lifts all our boats. Hence every Latin Mass community in the U.S. ought to support their continuing efforts–in the one concrete way that counts more tangibly than mere good wishes.

    “Not only was the nave crowded with young people, but the sanctuary was filled with rows and rows of young priests and seminarians, vested in cassock and surplice. It was a stunning snapshot of, what many thought, was a long buried past. But what was really stunning is that is the wave of a pulsating dynamic future. It was Catholic springtime in the 2018 springtime of Washington, D.C. While the bursting apple blossoms vied for attention, they couldn’t compete with the stirring beauty of Catholic young people hungry for God.”

    “Make no mistake, this past Saturday in Washington, D.C.’s Basilica was, in Karl Jasper’s portentous phrase, an axial moment. A turning point, from which future ages could mark a pivotal change in perspective, a tectonic shift in cultural movement. In Archbishop Sample’s sermon: ‘Maybe the experience of these young people growing up with the ordinary Form did not carry within it the beauty, reverence, prayer, and fullness of the sense of mystery, transcendence and awe that the Traditional Mass has provided for them.’ Though the archbishop couched his words demurely, words of agreement must be shouted loudly.”

  11. monstrance says:

    Absit invidia,
    I’m not sure why he doesn’t make it available in his cathedral.
    The southern deanery of the Seattle Archdiocese has zero Traditional Rites.
    I’m sure that Mass would become well attended.

  12. grumpyoldCatholic says:

    I am very fortunate to have access to the traditional Latin Mass every Sunday. I try to get others to go and some of them told me that old Mass is invalid. There are quite a few diocese that spread this nonsense and I wish they would stop

  13. Sword40 says:

    Hey, Portland; I live 2 hours north of you and am aware of two more TLM Masses said each week in Portland. One is at St. Birgitta’s with Fr. Luan Tran and the other is on the east side, with Fr. Eric Anderson. (can’t remember the name of the parish.)

  14. Absit invidia says:

    Initiative? Believe me, we’ve taken it for 6 years, started and maintained it on our own.

    [Work harder!   o{]:¬) ]

  15. iamlucky13 says:

    @ monstrance

    I know this is outside the southern deanery, but depending where you are the drive might not be too bad: St. Francis Xavier in Toledo did at least for a while, have occasional traditional Latin Mass. There’s some old information here:

    You might give them a call or email to ask if this is still going on.

    If you ever go there, you might say a short prayer for the person on the internet you don’t know who suggested it. I was confirmed there.

  16. jameeka says:

    f you live in the Portland, Oregon area, please check out St Stephen Roman Catholic Church. This parish has offered Masses in the Extraordinary Form for maybe three years now? Sundays, but also several weekdays too. Sung vespers on Sunday afternoon, Adoration on Saturday mornings. Wonderful, holy priests, beautiful and growing music program.

    Archbishop Sample needs all the prayers and support you can give him; he is amazing, but this diocese is particularly daunting (as even the younger people will attest). And St Stephens is a miracle in the midst of it! Baby steps.

  17. New Sister says:

    @Grateful to be Catholic
    @Henry Edwards
    thanks for the prompt; I donated & thanked Paulus Institute.

    @Absit invidia – we absolutely must take initiative in PDX archdiocese, & IMHO, *service* is how one gains sufficient credibility to start moving the needle at the parish level. Our priests are maxed out; they face entrenched (& liberal-minded) laity who think they run the show. The laywoman I have seen effect positive change the most is a friend of mine who took over the parish library! Not only is she feeding souls (displaced all modernist silly stuff with orthodox materials & conferences) but has earned the pastor’s favor – 5 years into her service, he listens to her, even over the [70s-era] deacons. Abp Sample needs us wherever we can serve – catechists, librarians, secretaries, etc. And to be praying the Rosary daily!

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