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“I originally sent you this story 8 years ago, for the brick by brick file…” UPDATE

From a reader about a parish in Williamston, MI: I originally sent you this story 8 years ago, for the brick by brick file: After decades with no crucifix and no tabernacle in the sanctuary (other than a processional cross), … Read More

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“Where there is no temple there shall be no homes.”

With my emphases from Choruses from “The Rock” by T. S. Eliot: We build in vain unless the Lord build with us. Can you keep the City that the Lord keeps not with you? A thousand policemen directing the traffic Cannot … Read More


Pastor Iuventus on the appalling Met “Gay-la”

From the UK’s best Catholic weekly the Catholic Herald comes a commentary on the Met “Gay-la”.   Yes, we are still talking about that horrid blotch on the Church’s reputation, lest we forget.  My emphases and comments: Pastor Iuventus: ?In today’s Church, … Read More

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Chilling – probably correct – explanation of mass school shootings

I just read at NRO a piece by David French, who in turn gives us the substance of an explanation of what is driving the increasing phenomenon of school shootings.  I sense that the explanation – which provides quite the opposite … Read More

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A Pentecost Monday lesson: “And Paul VI wept.”

REPOSTED: Years ago I told this Pentecost Monday tale and it has made the rounds.  It has made the rounds everywhere, but I am the origin of the anecdote, which I published years ago in the pages of The Wanderer and … Read More

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