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Some Views From The Journey: Rome again – UPDATED

FYI:  On Sunday (Sunday after Ascension – not Ascension Thursday Sunday) I will celebrate a Mass for the intentions of my benefactors, all of you who donate and send items, etc.   I take seriously my duty to pray for benefactors … Read More

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Beans, the Lord’s Ascension and You

As I write, I am in Rome.  We have lovely customs in our wonderful Roman Catholic Church, including special blessings on certain feast days, often tied to the changing of the seasons… in Rome, that is.  It’s the Roman Church, … Read More

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The more I more read about the “Make the Church a Joke Again” Gay-la, the creepier it gets.

You’ve been reading about the “Gay-la”, the “Fellini Rip Off”. I wrote earlier that it was sure to have made all the Jesuits present swell with pride.  I then learned that Jesuit homosexualist activist James Martin, LGBTSJ, was there. A … Read More

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