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Concerning innovations

In The Heresy of Formlessness: The Roman Liturgy and Its Enemy (US HERE – UK HERE), Martin Mosebach writes of the offended sensibilities of a rock that has been shifted from its perennial, traditional, place.   It might require centuries for the rock to settle down. … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Deacons vesting in dalmatics for concelebrations

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Father, I know priests are allowed to vest for Mass (chasuble, stole, etc.) together and concelebrate. It’s not a good thing, but it makes theological sense because many priests can consecrate one host as St. Thomas … Read More

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ASK FATHER: How do we get the TLM where we are?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I hope you can help. How do I approach my Bishop in ___ to have us have a TLM. I run from one church to another just before Consecration. Thank you. I am puzzled as to … Read More

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Card. Arinze: If you want Communion, become a Catholic

The simple but wise words of His Eminence Francis Card. Arinze, Cardinal Bishop of Velletri-Segni, have rung often of late in the ears of my mind.  He famously responded to a question about Communion for public figure who are manifestly … Read More

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