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VIDEOS: Lessons in how properly to fold a cassock

When I was in Rome a few days ago, I asked one of the great guys at Gammarelli to give me a refresher lesson in how to fold a cassock well, to minimize wrinkles when packing. I posted another video … Read More

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VIDEO: Military pilgrimage to Lourdes

I had a great note from a reader: I just dropped off a friend at JFK, Catholic Navy Chaplain, he is going to Lourdes for this event. 200 military personnel are participating. I never knew about the event. The video … Read More

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Fascinating and sad: transcript of 1976 meeting of Paul VI and SSPX Archbp. Lefebvre

UPDATE  The late, great Michael Davies (God rest his soul) published in his Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre (Vol. 1 Ch. 14 – US HERE – UK HERE) Lefebvre’s own account of that same meeting with Paul VI on 11 Sept 1976. … Read More

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A light TEOTWAWKI moment

After some rogue nation lights off a passel of nukes and EMPs everyone, or after the next Carrington Event – which is bound to happen someday – slams your planet back into the 17th century, we are going to have … Read More

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