Just to put your day into perspective

Just to put your day into perspective.

Of course, that’s all well and good, but a human soul has greater worth. Christ died for souls, not stars or background radiation.

It seems to me that the material cosmos is so big in order that we can – in some way – get our minds partly around eternity and the greatness of God.

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  1. Unwilling says:

    Why is it so big? What is the point of the universe? Your short post is profound.

  2. Sconnius says:

    I think this is something you also shared with us long ago Father, but I used this sliding scale of…well scale in a Sunday school class one time, as one of the students had asked about how big God was.


    After talking about how God dwells at both ends of this spectrum, they had a lot of really good questions.

    The guy who created this made labels for everything that appears.

  3. Kent Wendler says:

    It has been suggested, using faith coupled with reason, that God created all of this (or perhaps the foundation for all of this) – specifically for us human beings. In considering this idea and considering our apparent mortal limitations I find it transcendentally humbling.

  4. JonPatrick says:

    The “multiverse” is just a way to get around the fact that our universe is a “Goldilocks” universe where all of the natural laws and physical reality is just right for the creation of the stars and planets as we know them, including the creation of life. For example if one of the constants were off my the tiniest bit it would be impossible for any element heavier than hydrogen to exist, yet alone life. This implies a Creator as the probability of this happening by random chance is ridiculously small. In order to get around the need for a Creator, some scientists propose an infinite number of universes so that we just happen to be on the one where conditions are right for the creation of life. Fr. Robert Spitzer’s Magis Center (Google it) has a lot about this stuff, plus his book “New Proofs of the Existence of God”. Tough reading but fascinating.

  5. KateD says:

    Mind blown….

    There is an “Everything Forever”, we call Him Father.

    And I was just wondering if different galaxies operated under different laws of nature…but the video suggests that may be part of the diversity in the multiverse ……..Muy interesante!

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