Pro-Life Victory at SCOTUS – NIFLA v. Becerra

Some time ago I asked you to pray during oral arguments before the SCOTUS concerning a 1st Amendment case from California, which tried to force pregnancy centers to provide abortion information.   HERE  In other words, they tried to force pro-life centers advertise for big-business abortion.

Today the SCOTUS issued their 5-4 opinion in National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra, written by Justice Thomas, in favor of the 1st Amendment rights of the pregnancy centers!

Thomas wrote the opinion, and was joined by Roberts, Kennedy, Alito and Gorsuch joined.  Kennedy filed a concurring opinion in which Roberts, Alito and Gorsuch joined.  Breyer dissented, joined by Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan.

There is a good article with background HERE.

In other SCOTUS news, Pres. Trump’s travel ban was upheld.  See the opinion for Trump v. Hawaii.   The key is that the SCOTUS considered only the wording of the POTUS’ executive order and excluded consideration of anything that he said as a candidate, etc.  Hence, only the wording of the order mattered.  The majority found that the POTUS was within his constitutional powers to issue that order.

Roberts wrote the opinion and was joined by Kennedy, Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch.  Kennedy and Thomas filed concurring opinions.  Breyer dissented joined by Kagan.  Sotomayor filed a dissenting opinion joined by Ginsberg.

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  1. bobbird says:

    Relying upon the SCOTUS for prolife “victories” is like playing with nitro. Much better to follow the advice of convert Thomas Woods and Oklahoma’s gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher: put our political eggs into state nullification. There is a 2-pronged danger to SCOTUS. When we lose a decision, what was originally a state or local problem suddenly becomes Case “Law” that is force-fed to all 50 states! When we win one, it makes us think, “Aha! We are gaining control of the courts at last!” But constitutionally the courts were NEVER meant to have this power, and when a prolife victory occurs, our applause helps to perpetuate the myth. Then we must accept the BAD decisions. The 10th Amendment Center, Woods’ book on Nullification and Ron Paul’s essays, books and writings make it clear that we must stop looking at the US as an empire, where “one size fits all”, ignoring local culture. Pat Buchanan’s “A Republic, Not an Empire” would also begin to make prolifers realize that we have been snookered into a False system where SCOTUS is the guru and god of all.

    [Nevertheless, it was a good opinion.]

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