SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement!

Well… one of the shoes dropped.  Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement.

Pres. Donald Trump gets to nominate a second Justice.

We have to dust off his list of SCOTUS candidates.

This is amazing.

Think about it.  How many huge decisions were made about this country and our freedom by the swing vote of ONE MAN.

SCOTUS appointees is a MAJOR consideration for me when looking at candidates for POTUS.


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  1. JohnE says:

    Oh man, I can hear the liberal howling already.

  2. yatzer says:

    This should be interesting.

  3. JamesA says:

    Deo gratias. The end of Roe may be within our reach.
    Cor Jesu Sacratissimum, miserere nobis.

  4. SKAY says:

    “SCOTUS appointees is a MAJOR consideration for me when looking at candidates for POTUS.”

    ME TOO, Father Z.
    The pro abortion Democrats will fight any Trump nomination tooth and nail.
    The more outrageous they get the better the nomination. ;-)

  5. PostCatholic says:

    Better nominate and confirm before the Dems take Senate back.

  6. Ages says:

    I also pray for the closing parenthesis of Justice Ginsberg’s tenure will take place before the 2020 election season.

  7. Deo volente says:

    Any coincidence that this announcement came on the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help? Many prayers answered, methinks!

    Laus Deo!

  8. Marius2k4 says:

    I’ve added, over the past several months, to our family’s nightly rosary intentions, that Democrats lose the 2018 midterms, and that we get a good Supreme Court justice to right many of our bad laws. I will specifically add the intention for a good replacement for the apostate Anthony Kennedy. Someone in the mold of the late Antonin Scalia, whom I loved and admired greatly.

    I suggest a rosary crusade to get the court righted before the midterms, in case the worst happens vis-a-vis the Senate. Also for the Susan Collinses of the world to not obstruct someone who would overturn Roe v. Wade, Lawrence v. Texas, Casey v. Planned Parenthood, etc.

    Oremus ut Dominus Noster Jesus Christus nobis veram donet iustitiam, in judicis fidelis persona!

  9. Marius2k4 says:

    Also, expect violence from the left to greatly increase startinnnnggg…. now.

    The demons that motivate them really come to the surface when their carnal pleasures are threatened.

  10. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    We have been under one-man rule for +20 years. Kennedy was the replacement nominee for Robert Bork. Think what a different country this would have been.

  11. Subdeacon Joseph says:

    This is almost as exhilarating as President Trump’s election night. Watching the ‘unhinging’ of the left anew is sort of entertaining. Our President just keeps winning and I couldn’t be happier. My friends and I got down on our knees and thanked God when we heard about Kennedy’s retirement.

  12. Fallibilissimo says:

    It could, of course, take awhile but if this pick results in the overturn of Roe/Casey, despite the fact that it wouldn’t actually make abortion illegal (the absurdity of these decisions is that they make abortion a – confused – constitutional right), I assure you that the demonic screeching yells and hollers from the gates of hell will be heard on the streets of liberal America. You think the marches thus far were big?
    Anyway, let’s see what happens. The midterms might force Trump’s hand to pick a compromised candidate and this can yet go in many directions. However, both Hell and Heaven are watching this one. It’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time.
    Anybody else feel like the Nazgul are getting ready to be unleashed or something? This can get BRUTAL!!!

  13. Malta says:

    Well the libs have their trump card to play (pun intended)

  14. John Grammaticus says:

    Praying for the confirmation of a Righteous nominee

  15. Amerikaner says:

    One can only hope…

    I can’t remember which but one of the possible candidates, though conservative, voted to uphold an abortion case. So my worry is that while they are mostly conservative that once in the position, they may not act as conservatively as we would hope for.

    Remember that Kennedy was put in by Reagan and Kennedy did a lot of harm over the years.

  16. robtbrown says:

    PostCatholic says,

    Better nominate and confirm before the Dems take Senate back.

    Are you willing to bet the farm that will happen in 2018?

  17. Chuck4247 says:

    St. Thomas More, pray for us, and guide our government as it chooses the next member of the Supreme Court.


  18. Dismas says:

    The more unhinged the Left gets, the less electable they appear. Yes, the leftist tantrums and violence will increase, but that may be just about the only way to wake up some sleepwalking moderates. This insane behavior will crest throughout the hot summer months, leaving an impression come November.

    Note: if Ginsburg and/or Breyer were to also vacate before 2020, they might go from rage to catatonic despondency.

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