Anti-Catholicism alive and well in Democrat (aka Party of Death) Senators

From CH:

Senators quiz nominee about membership of ‘extreme’ Knights of Columbus

A spokesperson said the Knights were ‘extremely disappointed’ with the questioning

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have questioned a candidate for the federal bench over his membership of the Knights of Columbus, with some calling the group’s Catholic views on abortion and same-sex marriage “extreme.” Senators also questioned if belonging to the Catholic charitable organization could prevent judges from hearing cases “fairly and impartially.”

Senators Mazie Hirono (D-HI) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) raised membership of the Knights as a point of concern during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s consideration of Brian C. Buescher, an Omaha-based lawyer nominated by President Trump to sit on the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska.

In written questions sent to Mr. Buescher by committee members on December 5, Sen. Hirono stated that “the Knights of Columbus has taken a number of extreme positions. For example, it was reportedly one of the top contributors to California’s Proposition 8 campaign to ban same-sex marriage.”


Anti-Catholicism alive and well in the Democrat Party.

You might remember the shameful and hate-filled performances of Hirono and Harris during the Kavanaugh hearings.

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  1. JustaSinner says:

    Is it up to the Priest at a parish, or is it the local Bishop that decides if it is acceptable for a pro-death politician to receive Eucharist? Former Marine just seeing where the responsibility lies in the Roman Catholic Church chain of command.

  2. Cranky Old Man says:

    One should be careful about calling opposition to Proposition Eight an extreme position. Does not Senator Hirono recall that Proposition Eight passed in a California referendum in which just a shade under 80% of eligible voters participated?

  3. GM Thobe says:

    It must be the feathered hats. Or used to be, anyway…

  4. monstrance says:

    At least the Dems are consistant.

    It’s open season on the scandal ridden Church.
    They have always hated the Church behind closed doors, now they’re showing their teeth in the light of day.

  5. AndyMo says:

    This is a little different than a religious litmus test. The Knights of Columbus are, among other things, a lobbying group. It’s not inappropriate to question a judicial candidate to his impartiality if he’ been active in a lobby.

    What IS troubling, though, is the portrayal of opposition to same-sex marriage as an “extreme political position.” This position has been held by everyone in the history of civilization until the last decade or so, and now is treated as 2 steps removed from jihad.

  6. Argument Clinician says:

    On the other hand, maybe it’s time for the Knights (and the Church in general) to be recognized as being “extreme” inasmuch as we are adamantly opposed to the modernist, secularist, pagan culture of death that surrounds us. If only the Knights were so radical in their opposition as to merit being labeled “extreme” (in the sense of “uncompromising”) Catholics. God bless those who are.

  7. KateD says:

    Prior to her current position in the federal gov’t Kamala was the AG for California who ignored the will of the people of when we passed prop 8, until she could finagle a way around it. She is also the same AG who brought David Daldieon up on charges for his videos which exposed the Planned Parenthood for profit harvesting of human baby body parts. [Shudder] Pure evil.

  8. KateD says:

    *David Daleiden

    This young man has worked so hard, sacrificed so much and single handedly done so much to raise awareness about the plight of the preborn and neonatal child in the abortion mills of our land, the least I can do is spell his name correctly!

  9. Hidden One says:

    “Catholics quiz senators about membership in ‘extreme’ Democratic Party”

  10. Ed S says:

    The Knights of Columbus is extreme? If that’s the case, define killing the unborn at any stage of life. Define the gay marriage agenda where it has been reported that men can now menstruate, pronouns are determined by “how I feel at this moment”. Define that your son or daughter must now tolerate sharing dressing rooms and showers with the opposite sex.

    Please explain that should I balk at any of the above liberal, enlightened, secular core beliefs why I risk being shunned, mocked, attacked and possibly lose my job,business, freedom or ability to communicate on social media positions? If I am not mistaken, these Congresswoman support these attacks upon me. Define extreme.

    By the way, I am proud to be a Knight of Columbus!

  11. Benedict Joseph says:

    The Knights of Columbus financial support of “Crux” barely qualifies them as Catholic.

  12. Clinton says:

    KateD, Kamala Harris also accepted around $40K in campaign contributions from
    Planned Parenthood while, as State Attorney General for California her office
    was preparing the case against Mr. Daleiden. She won her Senate seat before the
    case went to trial, and her successor– also the recipient of $$ from Planned Parenthood–
    continued the state’s prosecution of Mr. Daleiden.

    I’m sure there is some sort of legal hair-splitting involved whereby it was not illegal
    for Harris to accept all that cash from Planned Parenthood while her office was
    handling a case that involved Planned Parenthood. Legal or not, it was deeply
    unethical, but as we saw in the Kavenaugh hearings, now-Senator Kamala Harris
    does not appear to let ethical considerations trouble her too much.

  13. Malta says:

    I am a Knight of Columbus, and we don’t dwell on certain issues, but rather dwell on helping the Church, and doing charitable work. In any case, how does opposing same-sex marriage and opposition to abortion differ from the putative position of the Church at large? Sure, a majority of Catholics are OK with one or the other, and the Knights of Columbus are more conservative, but they echo what the Church officially teaches. This is anti-Catholicism writ large by these blubbering, bigoted, bloated, buffoon biased Democrats.

  14. Bellarmino Vianney says:

    What many fail to realize is how close the Catholic Church in the U.S. is to becoming nearly identical to the situation in China.

    While it has not been explicitly identified, there is a sort of “Democrat Run/Operated” false catholic church in America, and then there is the official Catholic Church, which is, for the most part, without Faithful Shepherds and is somewhat “underground” in that Authentic Catholics are often silenced by false accusations or mere overpowering by Leftist false Catholics.

    The Government Operated/Run Church is headed by the anti-Catholic USCCB and other “establishment-type” groups like the Knights of Columbus (see comment on their ownership of Leftist Propaganda website, “Crux”).

    What people also don’t realize is that the U.S. Government is essentially run by Leftists/Democrats, and is therefore very close to the situation in China, without officially being recognized as communist; this is due to the “intelligence community” (Deep State) and their subtle coup which occurred without notice during the Obama years.

    Simply read material from entities like the Rutherford Institute (which, unfortunately, wrongly places President Trump in the category of bad guys). As they rightly notice, the FBI is much like “The Fourth Reich”.

  15. FrAnt says:

    Remember at the Democratic National Convention in 2007 when the Convention booed God? Yet Nancy Pelosi has the nerve to say the border wall is immoral, while she not only supports but encourages abortion. You can say those things in the same breath when you don’t believe in God.

  16. John Grammaticus says:

    So it was only Harris and Hirono ? Where was Diane the Dogma ?

  17. Joel says:

    Judges really ought not be impartial with the kind of laws that these USA have. It’s one thing to lobby for taxes, insurance, etc., another thing to lobby for natural law (no abortion, no homosexual ‘marriage’, no transgenderism, etc.).

  18. Spade says:

    I’ve always wanted to be a member of an extremist group.

  19. hwriggles4 says:

    I joined the Knights about a year after 9-11. Only a year before had I begun to embrace the pro life movement. We were told that we are to be a practical Catholic, meaning attending Sunday Mass regularly, committing to being a spiritual leader, and being a good man. If married, married in the Church (a friend of mine did not apply for membership until his annulment was granted), and single men like myself should practice chastity until marriage, and not be living in sin. Presenting oneself as a Knight means upholding the Church and being an example.

    Yes, these Democrats are singling out this judge and going overboard.

  20. hwriggles4 says:

    Thursday night, December 27, Shannon Bream, a journalist and lawyer that I trust, had Fr. Gerald Murray on her show, Fox News at Night to discuss this issue. This judge is being singled out. It’s worth watching, and Fr. Murray handles this with tact while discussing the truth.

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