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A conflicted Fishwrap v. Francis on homosexuals in seminary and priesthood

It took a while.  They probably needed to get the ringing in their ears to stop after being gobsmacked. The National Sodomitical Reporter (aka Fishwrap) hardly loses any opportunity to defend that which is contrary to nature. However, Fishwrap is also mired … Read More

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On this day in 2005 …

Today is the 13th birthday of the blog. I started it originally for the purpose of creating an online archive for my weekly articles for The Wanderer.  It rapidly grew into something more than that. You readers have been very good … Read More

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Help a young entrepreneur!

Let’s give this guy a boost.  A young entrepreneur reached out to me for help with his project.  He started something called Crown and Stars, clearly in honor of the Blessed Virgin. He told me that he wants to make… … Read More

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