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Was there a good point made during the sermon you heard at your Mass of Obligation for this Sunday?

Let us know what it was!

For my part, I celebrated Mass, TLM, in Tokyo.  I said a few things in Japanese, but the sermon was in English, with ongoing (not simultaneous) translation.   I spoke about how Paul urged the Romans to patience and to joy.   I spoke about the challenge presented to what was probably a modest family when a bunch of extra guests showed up for the wedding (the Lord and followers).   The lack of wine, the challenge it presented, resulted in the miracle.  The difficulty eventually produced abundance and joy.

This is how we must approach our challenges, with patience and joy.

Specifically, for those present, I suggested that the wine running out symbolized the lack of TLM that the Japanese congregation want so much.  They don’t always have the Mass.   I suggested that they ask Mary to intercede with the Lord to fill their wines jars with beautiful and abundant wine of the TLM.  Also, they should do whatever the Lord tells them: they have to get busy, too.

I was deeply moved by the people I met for the TLM.  These are such good and devout Catholics.   They sang well, making all the responses (as is proper for the Missa Cantata).  They were prayerful.   They wanted Benediction and brought many objects to be blessed.   One earnest man pressed me with a request for Mass for the Poor Souls, which I happily accepted.  Afterwards, a group of men went to a local diner, much as we would have in Rome or New York or elsewhere.  I hope to have some photos and perhaps some video to post.

Pray for this community in Tokyo.  They need the help of good young priests.  Their present priest helper is 90 years old!

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  1. FromVicBC says:

    My understanding is the largest groups of practicing Catholics live in South America and Africa. Is there a reason the church isn’t encouraging young men from South America and Africa to learn new languages and become priests in other countries? I mean, there are even huge Asian populations in Uraguay, Brazil and a number of other countries. Would it not behoove the church to pay their way and a small stipend to have them go and evangelize?

  2. JesusFreak84 says:

    Unfortunately, there’s not a ton of overlap of devout, traditional Catholic men and people who learn Japanese =-\ (Japanese is HARD, even though there’s far more resources out there than there were when I was learning it 10-12 years ago; St. Francis Xavier is said to have speculated if the language was invented by the devil, a joke that made even my Japanese-born-and-raised professor chuckle.)

  3. JMody says:

    As for sermon notes, Msgr Al made similar points about the host’s dilemma, and how the Blessed Mother gave the instruction that is always appropriate –> Do whatever He tells you. And what does Jesus tell us? Many things, perhaps the first of which is to “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”, and we do this by … GOING TO CONFESSION.
    It’s almost like he might be a regular reader!
    He went on to list a lot of other things, especially be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect, and to love God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength, but he led off with the confession bit.

  4. Rob83 says:

    The sermon was abbreviated due to the weather, understandable given conditions. So it was a brief lesson on canon law about such things with a request to pray and attend the pro-life activities forthcoming this week.

  5. rtrainque says:

    With myself as the lone server and one of our regular schola members performing his duties solo as well, we managed to still have a Missa Cantata (sans incense) here in Burlington despite the impact of Snowpocalypse 2019!

    As usual, Fr. approached the propers/readings from a number of angles. He used the marriage at Cana in the Gospel as a stepping-off point to remind us to stay firm in resisting the attacks against true marriage today. Not to be timid and say things like “Oh, well, you know, I don’t believe in same sex marriage/abortion/contraception.” As if it’s wrong only because that’s what the Church teaches. Rather, with no excuses to call these things out as the evils that they are because they go against God’s plan!

  6. Gab says:

    Very good sermon from Father (aged 27, but with knowledge far exceeding his age) at the TLM.

    Basic outtake of the message – Some people question why the emphasis on going through Our Lady to connect to Jesus and/or God. Some ask why we need a “middlewoman” rather than always going directly to Jesus or God? Father explained beautifully that Jesus our God came to us through Our Lady on earth as man and now we have great access to Him via Our Lady in heaven.

  7. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Good homily about Cana. First time I have ever heard a priest point out that “What is that between me and you?” was a Hebrew expression of approval, and was basically offering Mary whatever she wanted. (The priest did not point out the parallel use when Abraham was trying to buy Machpelah, but you can’t have everything.)

  8. Julia_Augusta says:

    The parish church of St. Viator in Kyoto has a priest from French-speaking Africa (the order is originally from Quebec). He speaks Japanese fluently with a near perfect accent. I go to Mass there when I’m in Kyoto. Japanese is very hard to learn. I’m still struggling after 2 years and I’m pretty good at learning languages (I speak 5 already). I pray for more vocations to come out of Japan but I think we’ll have to import more young men like our African priest.

  9. Prayerful says:

    Parish priest used water into wine as a metaphor for the transformation that God brings to sinful, weak man.

  10. Cicero_NOLA says:

    The Catholic priest on the Navy base south of Tokyo is a holy young man after your heart, Father. You would like him and I bet he could get you onto a ship if you have the time and inclination.

  11. JMGcork says:

    Missa Cantata. Father used the Wedding Feast at Cana to highlight Mary as a merciful mother interceding for us.

    As it happens, Father was a missionary in Japan with the Columban Fathers for 30 years. He is now on sabbatical.

  12. AA Cunningham says:

    Father James Jackson reflected on the suppression of Ecclesia Dei and what that might mean for the future of the FSSP. He also spoke of the modernist plans for contemplative communities and their impending loss of autonomy. He provided anecdotal information about a conversation he had with the Superior of a Carmelite order about what their plans are for the future. Her response – “We are praying for a miracle.”

  13. iPadre says:

    I talked about the miracle of transubstantion. Our Lord, through His priest changes bread and wine into His sacred Body and precious Blood. But this wasn’t His first miracle of transbstantiation. His firs was changing water into wine at Cana. All pointing to the future of the Mass.

  14. GHP says:

    Dear Father Z,

    I hope your TLM seed takes root in Tokyo! [Una Voce Japan has been at this for some time. I just poured a little water.] I will be living there in a couple of years in my retirement. Though there are many Catholic churches around Tokyo, they generally ….. well enough said. St. Mary’s cathedral looks like a cement concert hall.

    The St. Mary’s Cathedral was built in 1964 and designed by Kenzo Tange to replace the old wooden cathedral, in gothic style, burnt during wartime. Tange’s project is both Modernist and Metabolist, abstract and symbolic, bright (polished exterior) and dark (rough interior).


  15. mikeinmo says:

    Father spoke about the wedding feast, and said that even though the time had not yet come for Jesus to perform miracles, his Mother thought otherwise. He followed her lead and did as she asked. It is a good practice to follow the wishes of your mother.

    He then shifted to the March for Life in D.C. He read an article from National Review written by
    Alexandra Desanctis entitled “Whom Are We Marching For ?”, dated 18 January 2019. The article pointed out that the marchers were not there for personal gain, and that they are sustained by truth. It is well worth reading.

  16. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Father seized on the detail of the source of the water. This was water intended to wash off all the bad things of the outside world so that the home could be a place filled with faith, hope, and love. He hinted strongly at a baptismal character to the first recorded miracle.

  17. e.e. says:

    Father spoke about the miracle at Cana generally and Mary’s words to the servant: “Do whatever he tells you.” He reminded us that there are only a few occasions in the Bible when Mary’s words are directly recorded, and this is the last of them. He encouraged us to take these words to heart in our own lives — and what blessings and miracles can occur when someone is truly doing whatever Christ is telling them to do.

  18. mike cliffson says:

    Father had a bad go of flu. it was hardly noticeable. He made a point I’ve not met before after saying this is the most famous wedding in history we don’t know the name of the Bride the groom [Which strongly demonstrates that the true Bridegroom (who supplied the wine) was Christ Himself. This is nuptial imagery. In His next great sign, after driving the money changers out, He refers to His Body as the Temple. First wine (blood) then body. It is nuptial and eucharistic.] or their families he then went on to say how saint John speaks if this is slightly different from a miracle in the synoptics but is one of seven of the signs of who Christ was reminding us that seven represents the Hebrews completeness affection fulfillment. Then he said that we are too accustomed to watching horror films with six six six on the forehead as the mark of the beast. But six is theologically a little more subtle. 1 less than 7 it means I want to but I cannot. I want to be a good priest Dash with a lot of examples Dash but I cannot I want to be a proper husband but I cannot I want to be an honest journalist but I cannot I want to be a loving wife and mother but I can’t and so forth . the Antichrist in the book of the Apocalypse wants to be God but he cannot.

    So just as water into wine what we do for ourselves Jesus God made mAn for our salvation can. He can give us the grace to turn us into good husbands good priests good wives good workers into Perfection from imperfection in to good from bad, through his suffering and Death on the cross in payment for our sins and our Incorporation into his resurrection

  19. mike cliffson says:

    For affection for seven read perfection

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