More on the systematic attack on John Paul II’s Magisterium. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

A systematic attack is being waged on the teaching legacy of John Paul II.  Without fail, also look at THIS about the “purge” of the last remaining “Wojtylians”.

The latest front in the attack is the intentional demolition of the Institute for Marriage and Family that bears the sainted Pope’s name.  Faculty has been dismissed or sidelined or isolated such that they will have no influence or power.  The statutes have been changed.  People with 180° divergent views are now considered for faculty (e.g. Chiodi).

The students at the Institute aren’t taking it.  They issued an open letter.  HERE The third point they make is the salient point:

3. Why should one continue studying at the John Paul II Institute if it does not seem to propose anything new with respect to what can be found in the curricula of secular universities and what is oftentimes offered there in more attractive and efficient ways?

The powers that be aren’t being entirely forthright.  HERE  First, they denied the existence of the students’ letter.  Then they denied they received it prior to its publication.  So the students published everything, with the dates.

HERE I wrote about the method of “creeping incrementalism” employed in this systematic attack on the teachings of John Paul II and, in fact, the perennial teachings of the Church on morals.  In retrospect:

  • Kasper’s address
  • two rigged Family Synods
  • Amoris laetitia 
  • 5 dubia without answers
  • Chiodi’s talk at the Gregorian
  • changes at the Pontifical Academy for Life

What happens in Rome doesn’t stay in Rome.  This is coming your way, to a diocese near you.


At CNA read a piece in which the VP of the Institute says that, since Francis ordered the changes to the Institute, they’ve been trying to do so in continuity with the Institute’s identity.  But that isn’t what’s happening now.

The vice-president of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Rome said that changes to the school’s governing structure and academic program are a serious threat to its identity, and to the important pastoral ministry it supports.

“It seems to me that the identity of the Institute is seriously threatened, so it is necessary to present, with respect but clearly, the objective problems within the recent changes, and warn of the danger to the original mission of the Institute, which Pope Francis has clearly said he wants to preserve, not just as a piece of the past, but precisely because it is a source of renewal and a pathway for the Church’s accompaniment to families,” Fr. Jose Granados, DCJM, told CNA July 31.

This guy was a consultor to the CDF, btw, which is going to undergo its own calvary.

He particularly underscores the elimination of the teaching of MORAL THEOLOGY.

“Precisely at this point is also the importance of morality, which the Institute has cultivated from the light of love, as a way to fulfill our vocation to love, and as the ability to achieve a beautiful and full life. As in this way of love it is essential to recover the language of the body, John Paul II entrusted to the Institute his Catechesis about human love, where he outlined a theology of the body that has continued to develop in these years with great fruitfulness.”

In the “theology of the body,” Granados said, Pope St. John Paul II “calls us to truly reread the language of the body, a language inscribed in us by the Creator, and which is based on the sexual difference of man and woman open to life. From this anthropological unitary vision, a faculty has been cultivated and enriched, expanded across all continents in different sections, where the study of each discipline enriches the others, avoiding that fragmentation so typical of university work today. The sharp break we observe these days, blurring the memory of this living tradition, which is preserved especially in people, endangers this rich heritage,” the priest concluded.

What it looks like some people, who wield a lot of delegated power, are trying to do is precisely what we see in the secular sphere: detach sex from procreation.

Our Blessed Mother told the last Fatima seer Sr. Lucia (as communicated to the late dubia Cardinal Carlo Caffarra – founder of the JPII Institute) that the Devil’s last battlefront is the family. From the beginning the “father of lies” deceived people into thinking that God hasn’t told the truth and that we can be the arbiters of our own “right” and our own “wrong”. The lie of sex divorced from procreation is the goal.  That is the goal behind attacks on John Paul II’s magisterium.  What else could it be?

This is a signal development for the whole of the Church.

It truly is a signal from Rome to “sleeper cells”, those who have been keeping their heads low for the last couple decades.

Most of us can’t do anything about this.  But we can all do something about who we are, where we are.  We all have a sphere of life which we can influence.  How ought one react to the antics of the New catholic Red Guards across the pond?  Ongoing conversion. Intention Catholic living.  Acts of reparation for sins against the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart of our Blessed Mother.

Imagine the grace tsunami that could be unleashed were every single person who reads this to, right away:

  • Right away say the Rosary in reparation for sins
  • Make an examination of conscience
  • Take on a mortification of some kind for a time with purpose

Each of you are a spiritual force in this vale of tears, more or less activated and engaged.


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  1. Gaetano says:

    May I even recommend the Eastern Christian practice of the Dormition Fast from August 1st to the Assumption.

    This requires abstaining from all animal products (meat, dairy & eggs), olive oil and wine. One also abstains from fish, except for the feast of the Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord (August 6) , when fasting may be eased by having fish, wine and olive oil. On the two weekends during the fast, one may have wine and olive oil, but no fish.

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    I appreciate all you do Fr. Z, you are a lifeline and are making far more of a difference than you will ever know in this world. Your work and your contribution matters, so thank you and God bless you.
    But if I had to sit in a Novus Ordo church at this point and take this relentless departure from Catholicism I would go out of my mind and my faith would probably be just about gone. I truly pity faithful priests and religious, this is slow torture. May it end soon, please God.

  3. Lurker 59 says:

    I recall, back when I was doing my MA, reading works that were utilizing partially the language of “The Theology of the Body” but twisting the meaning so that it permitted exactly those things that Saint JPII spoke against. What is going on, and has been going on, is a great hollowing out of Catholic thought so that a thin shell remains which can be utilized as a vehicle for rot.

    The average pew sitter doesn’t understand the Faith well but is acquainted with buzz words so that one can speak about “The Theology of the Body”^tm but advocate for contraception and divorce in the same way that one can speak about “the Mercy”^tm in such a way that one is obliged not only to remain in sin but to commit sin. It is also worth considering the way the life of St. Mother Teresa has been hollowed out where her experience of the dark night of the soul is utilized as an argument to suggest that her faith is not important but rather only the way that she “accompanied” people.

    Likewise, it is worth noting the groundwork that is being laid to hollow-out the thought of soon to be St. John Henry Newman so that the “Development of Doctrine”^tm permits, nay necessitates, violating the principle of non-contradiction so that all things that promote “the Mercy”^tm can be permitted and expected to be obeyed. One should make a point to read and understand Newman before the corrupted version appears near the canonization.

    Beware hollow men.

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  5. richdel says:

    “Because ‘time is greater than space’, we need to encourage and accompany processes, without imposing our own roadmaps.” (Christus Vivit, 297)

  6. THREEHEARTS says:

    mike hurcum writes
    I an also concerned of the complete destroying of the Council of Trent on the sacraments

  7. samwise says:

    Has cardinal Scola flip-flopped? [HUH?!?] I loved his work on Asymmetrical Reciprocity

    [I don’t get why you would ask that.]

  8. samwise says:

    Scola called it the “purge” correct. Pardon my ignorance, I just liked his work up to this point, am I missing something about his character?

  9. robtbrown says:

    1. The attack on the Council of Trent on the Sacraments began with Paul VI in 1973 with Ministeria Quaedam.

    2. The twisting of JPII’s Theology of the Body into the approval of sinful acts is an example of Naturalism. Using that approach, someone strangling another with his bare hands is an example of Theology of the Body.

    Liberals often confuse Naturalism with Natural Law philosophy.

  10. adoremus3 says:

    Anne Catherine Emmerich, Quito, and O’briens book “Father Elijah” come to mind. Cardinal George Pell, certainly is in my thoughts via these musings.

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