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Mind-blowing profundity at the reconstituted John Paul II Institute 2.0

Sometimes I like to post lighter fare on a Friday.  But today, I am so moved, so overwhelmed and thunderstruck with awe, that I must share this quote.  Honestly, folks, I’m gobsmacked.  I’m all at sixes and sevens. We once … Read More

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More on the systematic attack on John Paul II’s Magisterium. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

A systematic attack is being waged on the teaching legacy of John Paul II.  Without fail, also look at THIS about the “purge” of the last remaining “Wojtylians”. The latest front in the attack is the intentional demolition of the Institute … Read More

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Erasing the Magisterium of a Pope. Wherein Fr. Z rants and suggests.

There is a long standing political tool employed to eliminate opposition which is associated with the past, or a defeated regime.  You can see evidence of this tool all around Rome, in monuments both ancient and recent.  It is called damnatio memoriae… … Read More

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More concerning the alleged “commission” to reinterpret ‘Humanae vitae’

Andrea Gagliarducci has a thought provoking offering for his weekly Vatican Monday. He raises the question of who will defend the legacy, the magisterium of Pope John Paul II. He writes about the Left, liberal sex-obsessed agenda: Humanae vitae and those … Read More

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