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Do you have some good news to share with the readership?

Yesterday, Sunday, we had the help of a newish deacon, so that we could have Solemn Mass. More and more young men are taking to the Traditional Roman Rite. This is very good news, indeed.

Also, I was delighted to receive a can cozy which was given as a prize for the US Navy sponsored Guantanamo Bay Joint Task Force Chess Match.  Quite a distinction.

I was going to place it in my challenge coin cabinet along with the prestigious “Commander’s Coin”, but instead, I though it would work for my highly amusing Hokusai decorated cup which I picked up in Tokyo at a recent exhibit of his works.

He made a collection of tiny figures, some of which are a real hoot.

Yes, that’ll do just fine.

Also, from Angelus Press today I received new copies of the Passionale, use for the singing of the Passion during Holy Week and the Triduum.

One book has all three parts (Chronista, Christus, Synagoga) and the other three present those parts individuated.

And then the volume with just the Chronista part.

No ribbons, but they really don’t need them.  I’m a little surprised that they didn’t dye the pages purple.

Immediately, I’m sure, you have been thumping the table, eager to ask whether or not they included the haunting “tonus ad libitum” for the burial of the Lord.

Finally, since today is the birthday of His Excellency, Most Reverend Donald J. Hying, newish skipper of the Diocese of Madison, the intrepid Tridentine Mass Society of the same diocese organized and delivered a Spiritual Bouquet for his intention.  We also, because of his devotion to the Most Sacred Heart, we framed for him a lovely print of Daniel Mitsui.    I wrote about it HERE.  There’s a lot going on in there.  And what a different “museum glass” makes!

Lastly, His Eminence Raymond Card. Burke will be here in Madison on 8 December, Immaculate Conception, and will celebrate a Pontifical Mass!



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  1. Michael says:

    The good news: I’ve made it just about halfway across the country (about 100 miles to go) on my Walk Across America mission for the Lord. Thanks to those who have been praying for me.

  2. Kate says:

    A daughter who received her habit on the Feast of the Assumption!

  3. Julia_Augusta says:

    After 2.5 months on holiday on various Greek islands, in Turkey and on safari in Africa, I finally ended up in a city with a TLM. I went to Confession immediately, and went to Mass on two Sundays plus on the feast of the Assumption. I was in heaven! I am still walking on air. There is nothing on earth like the Mass, Confession and Communion.

  4. roma247 says:

    Was visiting my parents out of town and went to Mass at a perfectly dreadful modern church–you know, the kind that looks like a megachurch, with an enormous submersion font in the lobby (forget calling it a narthex!), with a full percussion section in the band/choir (which means mellophone AND chimes in addition to the drumset), and 8–yep, count ’em, 8 chalices and 8 bowls (not sure what else to properly call them, they looked like cooking utensils instead of ciboria) for the EMHCs.

    And yet…the priest’s (and deacon’s) vestments were strangely out of keeping with the setting…they were quite traditional-looking…the priest was clearly very young, probably newly minted from the Seminary…his hand gestures were very precise and traditional…in his sermon, he spoke of martyrdom, of “resisting to the point of shedding blood”…and…wait for it…of the importance of GOING TO CONFESSION!

    My kids know me well and were waiting for me to melt down over the music and all the other awful distractions, but I leaned over and said to my son, “You wait. After he consecrates the host, he will maintain his thumb and fingers pressed together until after Communion.”

    Bingo. I was right! Despite the inhospitable environment, this young priest was a lover of tradition. And I was able to get over the awfulness of everything else in the environment and just focus on Our Lord and his wonderful mercy.

    I offered my communion for that young priest, that he may not be dulled or disheartened by the headwinds he will face. But I also spoke with him afterwards and he said he is being well supported by the congregation there…and is looking forward to being able to say the TLM, even if it’s only in private, once he gets the last few items he needs. (And yes, of course I asked if I could get anything for him, but he said it’s all on its way already!)

    My kids had to laugh that despite nearly everything else about that parish being awful, I walked away from that Mass with a permagrin. Oh, it’s so good to see brave young men like that. He will be in my prayers.

  5. JonPatrick says:

    Recently received a copy of “Voyage to Alpha Centauri”. It is so good, I end up staying up past my bedtime to read it as I can’t put it down.

  6. Charivari Rob says:

    On Vacation – sorely needed.
    Yesterday – slept in (a luxury in itself), an afternoon at Valley Forge, and wonderful dinner at a restaurant in Easton, PA
    on tap for today – visiting family

  7. beelady says:

    I’d like to offer my thanks to Father Z and his friend, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse.
    They were instrumental in bringing about the good news I’d like to share.
    I followed a link from Fr. Z to Dr. Morse’s, Ruth Institute website.
    I found the following posted there:
    “Every child has a right to know his cultural heritage and genetic identity”.
    That sentence was an answer to prayer!
    Our 16 yr old daughter was adopted from
    Guatemala as an infant.
    She had been asking to do genetic testing for years. I thought it was a bad idea and I couldn’t understand why her exact ethnicity mattered to her.
    I decided to trust Dr. Morse and order the DNA test.
    Our daughter got her results about two weeks ago.
    She is a different person now that she has her genetic information!!
    Our relationship went from difficult and strained to happy and close almost overnight!
    Our daughter says she can’t explain it but she feels totally different about me as an adoptive mom now that she knows her genetic identity.
    I am very happy about the healing in our relationship.
    Thanks so much for your help, Fr. Z and Dr. Morse!

  8. rodrigow says:

    Duolingo’s Latin for English speakers is generally available at last:

    Audio is still a bit sketchy, compared to more established courses, but that’s very good news.

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