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Registered here or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Some are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand. We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below.

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I still have a pressing personal petition.

Also, I’d ask you right away to pray for healing and grace for the daughter of one of my closest friends of many years who attempted suicide yesterday.  Please pray for A.  You might ask St. Gemma and St. Dymphna to intercede.  Especially, however, in your charity, pray a Memorare or some part of the Most Holy Rosary, entrusting A and her family to Our Blessed Mother.

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  1. Gab says:

    Will do, Father Z.

    In your charity, please pray for my brother Bill who had a major aneurysm and was not expected to live, this was on Easter Sunday. He made it through surgery but now cannot walk at all. More important than his physical condition, I’m also asking for prayers that he converts and is granted the Grace of a Holy death when the time comes.

  2. Kmom says:

    And for my little son, Paul. He’s been at Mayo Hospital these last two weeks and suffering terribly. It’s agonizing to watch, and his brothers and sisters miss him.

  3. Praying for all intentions.

    Please pray for my mom, who is dying of lung cancer. She turned 86 on Sunday and her husband is 95 and almost blind. We are taking care of her at home and so is her dear husband. Pray for strength for my brother and me who are her caregivers. My brother is undergoing radiation for prostate cancer so I am usually the one with mom. I need prayers as well so I can keep up my strength.

    Also asking for prayers for a priest. God knows the situation.

  4. Tamara T. says:

    Praying for all requests.

    Please pray for my best friend Barb, recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Also Jode K. with brain and lung cancer and Erin S. mother of two young children with stage 4 cancer as well. Her family is asking the intercession of Venerable Fulton Sheen’s intercession. Thank you all so very much and God bless you.

  5. Anneliese says:

    Will pray.

    Please also pray for Fr. N. He will have an endoscopy today. He’s been having some health issues of late. He was just ordained in June and just started at a parish in Houston. Thank you.

  6. Kathleen10 says:

    Our daughter-in-law is having symptoms that are hopefully not related to a prior brain tumor. If you would please pray for her, A., and for our son R. who has had his own serious health issues. They have a baby. Thank you, and I’ll pray for all intentions.

  7. Aquinas Gal says:

    Will pray for others’ intentions
    Please remember too a special intention for myself, and for FD who is fighting bone cancer

  8. bibi1003 says:

    Prayers for each of your intentions. Please pray for Hadley, a 1 year old girl whose skull gap didn’t close as it should have. A blood vessel is protruding from the gap, which will complicate her upcoming surgeries. Also, please continue to pray for Supertradmum and her son.

  9. Peter Stuart says:

    Another fall to SSA impurity last night. More self-inflicted spiritual damage. God help me.

  10. bibi1003 says:

    Many prayers are being sent to heaven for you, Peter Stuart.

  11. Steven says:

    I’d like to ask for prayers that I find a new job soon. I was laid off (downsizing, not anything I did) three months ago and I’m still unemployed. I don’t know when I’ll find a new job again, but the unemployment benefits run out after 6 months, and I’m starting to get nervous. Thank you.

  12. Philmont237 says:

    This has been the Summer of Job for me.

    1) My stepmother died after a year-long battle with brain cancer. She ultimately died after a four-day stint in the ICU.
    2) My father suffered a heart attack.
    3) I began to experience severe burnout.
    4) Popped a flat tire (not a big deal, but it was One More Thing).
    5) My dog, the young one that’s great with my kids, got diagnosed with a brain tumor.
    6) My wife got strep throat, dehydrated, passed out, and spent several hours at the hospital.
    7) I got strep throat.
    8) I keep swallowing the red pill with regards to the Francis pontificate, and it’s giving me anxiety.
    9) I was diagnosed with complex PTSD thanks to childhood trauma.

    All this has happened since June. I feel that I am under spiritual attack. Please pray that I have the strength and graces to remain faithful and repel the attacks of the evil one.

  13. Jacob says:

    My brother is having surgery next week. Due to health and other reasons, he has not been to Mass and Confession in awhile. Please say a prayer that we’ll get him around for that by the day of surgery and that the surgery goes well. Thank you.

  14. GM Thobe says:

    Please pray for my uncle, who is away from the Faith and has health concerns. That applies to multiple aunts and uncles, now that I think of it.

  15. Luminis says:

    Peter please get to confession today. You have my prayers.

  16. Robin says:

    Please pray for my neighbor Stephanie, who has metastatic breast cancer, now in her lungs. She is culturally Jewish but has no real faith.
    I am praying for all of your needs today too.

  17. seeker says:

    I will pray a rosary for these intentions now. My son has cancer, he is 24. Its a good prognosis, surgery went well, but there’s been a recurrence so now he needs chemo. What I can’t handle is the husband who’s been unfaithful possibly cheating again.
    I’ll pray for cures for everyone but that all of us are drawn closer to God, His will be done.
    Thank you.

  18. Peter Stuart says:

    I did, Luminis. Thanks. You’re in mine as well.

  19. Peter Stuart says:

    Thanks, bibi1003. Praying for you as well.

  20. CatholicNerdGirl says:

    Urgent! Please, please pray for our adoption. We have hit a snag that needs urgent fixing. Our baby girl has been with us since the age of two weeks and she will be two years old next month. She and we would be devastated if our adoption is derailed. Please pray!

  21. bibi1003 says:

    Prayers again for all of your intentions.

    Would you pray for God to send me a good Catholic husband? I gave up praying for this several years ago, but for some reason I feel like hoping again.

  22. frmgcmma says:

    Including all your needs and requests in our prayers, I ask all to pray for a young woman, MJ who suffers from anorexia. Her family has been worn out partly because they have been caring for her 24/7 since some residential treatment places pose threats to the girl’s faith. I don’t know all the options available to the family … but suggestions are welcome for a Christian (better, Catholic) treatment.

    In any case, pray for MJ and family.

  23. xgenerationcatholic says:

    Had gum surgery today.. I am trying to offer it up but this is very painful and it is dull to just rest and do nothing. Thank you for praying although this is very minor in the grand scheme.

  24. Joseph says:

    Please help me pray for peace of mind and sense of direction in my life. I currently feel lost and feel that I have no purpose here. I’m also left with very few friends so I am lonely as well.

    Also, please pray for a colleague who is in a difficult family situation. I pray he won’t have to leave his job as well.

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