Bill introduced in Wisconsin to force priests to violate the Seal of Confession

A bill has been introduced by Wisconsin Dems which would seek to force priests to violate the Seal of Confession under penalty of civil in case of abuse of minors.

From Channel 3000 in WI:

Clergy required to report child sexual abuse told in confession under bill

MADISON, Wis. – Members of the clergy would be required by law to report

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  1. Dinocrates says:

    I’m confused. What are the consequences if a priest refuses to comply with this law? All you said was, “Under penalty of civil.”

  2. Dinocrates says:

    Ok, I did some digging. It looks like this bill would eliminate a previous law on the books that carves out an except for clergy that is significantly broader than the seal of the confessional. The end result is that a priest could be found civilly liable for negligence or worse if he can be found to have covered up for an abuser.

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