A Friday incitement to stand firm and never to back down

Friends, it seems as if overwhelming forces are hijacking the Church, tying her hands and leading her to where she would not go. It is necessary that the Church go through her own Passion, just as Our Lord endured His.

And then there’s this goose.

Moreover, on my way back from a few days of R&R waaaaay up North, Tom Petty put a little iron back into my bloodstream.

We cannot back down. They can attempt all manner of slander, ridicule, persecution. But we cannot, will not, back down.

We will fight them on the beaches.


Just for nice.

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  1. My dad brought home a Muscovy Duck when I was a teenager. They are very territorial and you are right, they don’t back down. Quack took possession of our German shepherd and when the dog laid down the duck sat on his back. When one of us went near the dog Quack would fly at us and threaten us. Quack did that one too many times to my dad. His pistol took care of the problem mid flight and Quack was on the dinner table the next night.

  2. Kansan says:

    Hearing this song just boosts me up. Last week, I was in the back end of a grocery store getting items sorted to put out on the shelves and I found myself humming this song! Thanks for letting me soak it in again. It’s a strong theme to have etched in the self conscience for hard times.

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    Love that goose. Sometimes, bluster does work.

    Anyway I need to thank the pope for the recognition I got this past week on that African airplane presser. I want to tell you I didn’t even know I was in the running for this thing, but, he’s acknowledged it, I’m getting to him. After six years and all the articles about the disaster read and comments made, information shared, it’s all paid off, I, I guess we, were recognized for our efforts and well, it just feels great that he noticed. And we thought we were being ignored! Just shows how wrong you can be. Let’s keep up the good work and try to be even more of a thorn in 2020!

  4. The Cobbler says:

    And they will if we let them
    And they will if we run

    This one’s probably not the best introduction to The Cruxshadows, as musically it’s more annoying than most of their work, but…

    …hey, it’s about Scipio; delenda est, right?


    What they want from us now
    We give to no one

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