Francis on ice hockey… yes, ice hockey

As a Minnesota kid I skated and played hockey.  Hockey is in the family.

Hence, when I saw that Francis addressed himself to the International Ice Hockey Federation (they gave him a uniform sweater with a Roman numeral – you know… Latin), I checked out the text.  HERE

I was amazed at what I read!

Today’s culture may sometimes steer sporting activities down the wrong path, but we must keep in mind that rules are there to serve a specific purpose and to avoid a descent into chaos. Athletes honor fair play when they not only obey the formal rules but also observe justice with respect to their opponents so that all competitors can freely engage in the game.

… to avoid descent into chaos.

I wonder how the upcoming Synod will go this time?

I wonder if we could swap some terms out in that quip, above, and see how it might apply to the Church.

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  1. richiedel says:

    Great post, Fr. Z!

  2. mo7 says:

    The descent into chaos is as if on ice.

  3. acardnal says:

    Well, this post is just the “icing” on the cake!

  4. acardnal says:

    I predict there will be a “faceoff” in the future after the Amazon synod.

  5. Mariana2 says:

    What we don’t want is two-line passes, any passes across the red line.
    Or anyone ending up in the Sin Bin.

  6. surritter says:

    Does this mean that Francis is “rigid” because he is in favor of rules?

  7. adriennep says:

    All Rules are equal, but some Rules are more equal than others.

  8. teomatteo says:

    I am surprised. I would have thought the pope’s interest would be in curling. Brushing aside things, box of rocks and all.

  9. bobbird says:

    What we all really want to know is how much time Zuhlsdorf spent in the “Sin Bin”. Or would it be, perchance, that it was here that he heard his first confession?
    “Bless, me, Zuhlie, for I have sinned. I elbowed you intentionally.”
    “You have already done your penance, my son … a 5 minute major. And I have done my own, a 2 minute minor for a retaliatory slash. Go, and elbow no more.”

  10. Grant M says:

    The synod coincides with the rugby world cup, which raises interesting parallels. I would just remind the synod fathers that a conversion is worth two points.

  11. Semper Gumby says:

    A referee should make a call on whether acardnal’s comments are major or minor punalties.

    A joke my father never tired of: “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.”

  12. Benedict Joseph says:

    The irony is jaw dropping.
    What can be said of such which betrays a total absence of self-awareness?

  13. Grant M says:

    I read somewhere that Michael Davies had remarked once that from time to time Catholics needed to stop worrying about the crisis in the church and enjoy the rugby. (Or words to that effect.) For the Welsh, whose team ranks second in the world, and for us Kiwis (first) it’s usually rugby.

    So what’s your bet when the USA (13th) meet Argentina (10th) in the Rugby World Cup on the 9th of October, three days into the Synod? I note that England (3rd) meet Argentina on the eve of the synod, so if Francis is in a bad mood as he opens the Synod, we’ll know why.

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