Project to fast and pray for the Church! It’s Ember Friday in September. DO IT!

Chaos is spreading.  Synods loom on the horizon.  Some aspects of the Church’s governance, teaching and worship are hardly to be recognized any longer as authentically Catholic, in continuity with what our forebears received and handed on.

Remember the initiative recommended by Card. Burke and Bp. Schneider?

Say a decade of the Rosary each day and fast one day per week.

Today, a Friday Ember Day is a great day to choose to fast and abstain from meats.  Use these reminders of our days, built into God’s schedule of Creation, to garner spiritual goods.

No prayer ever goes to naught.

And, please, pray for me.

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  1. Gab says:

    Friday done. Now it’s Ember Saturday here.
    And prayers offered for you Father Z and for all our Bishops.

  2. Cincture says:

    A recent article and memory, which I admit to in part incorporating led me to ask:

    Is this outdated in any Ordo?

    Ember Days are making a comeback. These were days of fast and abstinence observed at the turn of the season, and also a wonderful way to take the pagan celebrations and sanctify them into the Faith.

    Wednesday, Friday and Saturday after the feast day of St. Lucia (Dec. 13), after Ash Wednesday, after Whitsunday and after the feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Sept. 14). Were not these days of penance introduced to thank the Lord for the gifts of nature, to teach us the importance of moderation and to provide for the needy.

    We used to learn:
    Post Lucem, post Crucem, post Cineres, post Ignes.
    After Lucia, after the Cross,
    after the Ashes and after Flame(Pentecost).

    Ember Days are part of the agrarian heritage of our Faith. The Church recognizes our dependency on God for His gifts of nature. The Liturgy reflects this connection with nature and God. Before man became so civilized, weather, crops, farm animals and the change of seasons were a part of daily life for everyone.

    Not everyone lives in rural locations, but there is a recognition of that connection of the land to our life. The agrarian connection also recognizes that, while man could work the land, he can never control the elements. Returning to our agricultural roots brings true humility in remembering man’s role on earth as being completely beholden to God.

    The gift of nature is from God, and man is not in control of it, even to its minor bio, insidious techno or nano-synthetic incursions, or major, nuclear, possible actions; since what would be achieved insofar as actual control of the true creation?

    And, if in the city, one never can be so sure that she or he will not be returned to that basic land and its requirements.

    Fasting for the reparation of the sins of the clergy during Ember Days is an easy way to reintroduce this most valuable spiritual discipline. Three days each season in addition to Ash Wednesday and Good Friday add up to only 14 days of fast. Only 14 days, but what a difference that will make in our lives and in the Church.

    Fall Ember Days of 2019 are Sept. 18, 20 and 21.

  3. dplentini says:

    We pray for you every day, Father. God bless you and all our priests.

  4. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Did it last week without knowing Fr. Z was calling for it. Of course, I wouldn’t know much about Ember Days if Fr. Z hadn’t mentioned them so much in previous quarters of the years!

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