Amazonian and Pachamama skúbala in annual Vatican CHRISTMAS CONCERT -VIDEO

More Vatican lunacy.

There was a concert in the Paul VI Audience Hall for Christmas.  On YouTube. It was broadcast on Mondovisione.  In fact, it was a fundraiser for something earth saving.  The broadcast was punctuated with pictures of deforestation, much as the abandoned animal groups show pictures of sad puppies.

Marco Tosatti caught it and it is on Twitter (below). An indigenous woman from the Amazon region got up in front of the camera, had them all cross their arms over their chests (they did it) and explained about Mother Earth and vibrating.  More Pachamama crap.   On Youtube, 1:44:25 in original language.

How ridiculous is this becoming?  If she had told them all to strip naked and hug each other, the prelates in the front row would probably have been the first to comply.

Transcripts of what she said.

What is not in the transcript are the idiot words of the Italian celebrity priest at the end, Davide Banzato1:44:25 and following.  At the end of her propaganda, he makes matters worse by drawing an equivalence with the burning forest in the Amazon with how Moses, at the burning bush (GET IT?!?) had to put off his shoes because – I’m not making this up – he was on “sacred ground”.

Dear don Davide, “Fail.”

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  1. Benedict Joseph says:

    What can they possibly do but keep on digging that hole? If they jump out they’ll get a lick’n.

  2. Gab says:

    This is so terribly sad. Can they not see what they are doing?

  3. mysticalrose says:

    Is there any testosterone left in the Vatican at all?

  4. James C says:

    It’s not just lunacy. It’s idolatry and pantheism being promoted in the heart of the Vatican! Where does this Bergoglian crazy train end? In schism and apostasy…or are we there already?

  5. Charles E Flynn says:

    It would be interesting to know if any of these men who have been ordained objected to the idolatrous proceedings.

  6. Kathleen10 says:

    This is another religion, positively 100% paganism. Look at all those glassy-eyed dudheads looking rapturously at an indigenous woman. They look at her with awe and dewy expressions, it’s ridiculous, they have deified HER, but that is why they carry around women on litters and have them leading pagan prayers and whatnot, this is to get women in there as some kind of prayer leaders. If they are shamans, oh well, what’s the difference. This makes one think of how Native Americans were a big part of rodeos in Europe at one point, Europeans were fascinated with them. The culture is interesting to be sure but nobody wants to be a museum exhibit. These people are being used like props, but with a purpose. This is to make Catholicism a different religion, and get Catholics accustomed to seeing women as spiritual leaders in their new religion. That this is a blatant insult to Christ and to Catholicism seems lost on these people, who are themselves lost.
    It’s perfect they have the people cross their arms like that. When our babies are too young to receive Holy Communion but wanted a blessing this was how they approached the altar, with their arms crossed to let the priest know they shouldn’t receive.
    Honestly what planet are we on.

  7. Lurker 59 says:

    “For pachamama? Why, it profit a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world. . . but for pachamama!”

  8. Charles E Flynn says:

    From Mary Eberstadt’s contribution to First Things’ 2019: OUR YEAR IN BOOKS:

    One line in his [Evelyn Waugh’s] Sword of Honor trilogy jumped out as especially apposite. The Catholic narrator chronically out of step with secular modernity reflects that, “Sometimes he imagined himself serving the last Mass for the last Pope in a catacomb at the end of the world.” 

    Readers troubled by the often-unhinged character of our own moment might draw comfort from the fact that great minds of the past century faced down their own social unraveling, and worse—all the while managing to commit the truth to record, and to keep the faith. 

  9. The Impoverished Lasts says:

    And Jesus said: “ Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water Mother Earth gives will never thirst“.

    To chase these clowns out of their with a cord would be an honor.

  10. JabbaPapa says:

    This is truly awful — but apart from what’s obvious “Mother Earth the origin of creation” and these false priests go along with it ???, really I can only contribute that :

    The “vibrations” stuff is 100% pure demonic New Age syncretism stuff, that’s become for example all the rage in middle class Australia, out of the New Age westernised pseudo-Buddhism and out of the “channeling” craze. Supposedly there is “energy” in the earth and in the cosmos that manifests itself in these “vibrations”, and one is supposed to “harmonise” the self with those “vibrations”.

    It is obviously demonic, including because it is being promoted by “channelers” who contact “spiritual entities” (what this is supposed to have to do with any actual Buddhism is completely beyond me, as it seems to contradict it entirely) that speak through them, which quite clearly is to invite demons in. Those who listen to and promote this “stuff” may not be possessed themselves, but they are definitely propagating teachings that are coming to them from straight out of Hell.

  11. Spinmamma says:

    We rigid unbalanced traditionalist Catholics have only to look at the Faithful Chinese Catholics to see what the current Holy Father has planned for us after everything about the Church has been changed. Thank you Charles E. Flynn for reminding us of the trials faced by past generations and how they kept the faith–although now the entire world seems to have gone mad.

  12. majuscule says:

    First it was Pachamama and now it’s Hitchauaya.

    Hitchauaya—another candidate for Tiber dunking…

  13. Ms. M-S says:

    “And in the other side where you feel the silence, there is the spirit.” This is way beyond silly old bats at esbats in their beads and macrame flirting with New Age nonsense. This “spirit” is one that needs to be exorcised from rather than invited into the Vatican. Ask yourself how and when it got this far.

  14. Gil Garza says:

    It’s very disturbing, and embarrassing, how quickly the Vatican bureaucracy pivots in response to special interest money. Sheesh, it’s like a jukebox! This is another reason that the Catholic Church bureaucracy should be reduced to bare necessities at all levels, Vatican, National Conference and diocese.

  15. Semper Gumby says:


    “At the Tiger Beat Teen Spirit Awards, the SoyBoys wait nervously for Taylor Swift to announce Boy Band of the Year.”

    “At Time Magazine’s Person of the Year Award, the SoyBoys contemplate hopefully Greta Thunberg’s announcement that certain world leaders should be “put against a wall.””

    “At the 2019 Bus nun, Antifa, Democrat Awards, the SoyBoys wait expectantly for Lana Del Rey to announce the Aleister Crowley Lifetime Achievement Award.”

    [You’ve captured the essence.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  16. Gaetano says:

    In the immortal words of Dr. Zoidberg: “Your theology is bad, and you should feel bad!”

  17. CatholicNerdGirl says:

    The LCWR Sisters have been into this nonsense for many, many years. They are probably thrilled that this is happening; “Oh happy day! The men have finally caught up and listened to our ‘prophetic leadership’!”
    God help us!

  18. Maybe they are just doing the Macarena lol.

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  20. Maineman1 says:

    Why should non-Catholics convert to the Roman Catholic faith when the visible head of the Church, the Pope, essentially condones paganism?

  21. Kirk says:

    I don’t know where to turn for guidance. My parish priest is great and my Bishop is excellent but I feel both would not talk freely with me or others of this tragedy happening around us. I need to know what to do besides just praying behind closed doors. What can we do when our good shepherds won’t call out the bad ones that are letting the wolves devour the flock?

  22. Sandy says:

    Each time we hear bad news from/about the Vatican, I wonder what we’ll hear next. How bad will it get before God Himself intervenes?

  23. MichaeltDoyle says:

    I don’t think this is like being Roman to speak the Good News to Romans, because the topic is not customs or building friendship. They are receiving instruction on how to communicate with an “Earth Goddess.” At best they could consider it metaphorical (That makes me to wonder how much of the unseen world do they consider metaphorical?) Even at best, it looks like scandal to me.

    Catholicism is a creedal religion; its foundation is truth. How can we effectively convert if we obscure the truth by giving credence to nonsense? The four last truths are hard enough to look at. Much easier to “vibrate” in place with hoofy-poofy earth goodness; that is, nonsense, non-truth. Ultimately, only in truth is there authenticity and then authentic joy. I see no way to get to the Bread of Life from the “earth mother” and that’s probably how “she” wants it. No thanks. I’ll stay far away and pray to my guardian angel for protection. Try to get up as soon as I stumble. Confess, go to Mass, rinse and repeat and give praise to God!

    Don’t we have more riches to share than anyone else? It’s like they’re going to a homeless shelter and discarding kingly vestments to put on flea ridden sweaters in the discard box.

  24. Barnacle says:

    When a doctor wants to hear/feel your heartbeat, he has to use a stethoscope. Putting your hand on your heart will not produce any sensation whatsoever. One side is as silent as the other. Did any one of those spineless goons feel a vibration? No. If he had, he would have jumped up out of his seat, amazed. No, they all sat there gazing adoringly with puppy dog eyes at the bespectacled girl, completely hypnotised, feeling absolutely nothing. Eugh.
    Blessed Maria Agreda’s recounts how she saw the Blessed Virgin praying using this posture, and there are many icons and paintings depicting Our Lady like this. It is a posture of meditation, submission and prayer. It is very beautiful. It has nothing to do with pulsations, pachamamas or puppies. We need to take it back.
    How I ached to see at least one of those collared priests get up and walk out…

  25. JabbaPapa says:

    I said :

    “channelers” who contact “spiritual entities” (what this is supposed to have to do with any actual Buddhism is completely beyond me, as it seems to contradict it entirely) that speak through them, which quite clearly is to invite demons in.

    I think I should clarify, because these evils really do need to be understood in relation to the lesser falsehoods of Gautama’s mostly honest mistakes —

    Actual Buddhism refers to such entities that I am speaking of as “antigods”. We of course simply call them demons. But really, the word “antigod” simply means total hatred of God, including in the actual Buddhism, and so the demonic as such.

    And yes, Buddhism is a completely false religion, and so should we all reject the so-called New Age, and instead cleave to our Holy Eucharistic Christ.

  26. Kathleen10 says:

    Kirk, you just hang on like the rest of us, God knows how it is and sees the unholy mess.
    Who knows what He may decide to do about it any day.
    We have Scripture, some good (old) Catechisms, like the Baltimore, etc.
    The writings of the Fathers of the Church, and great saints, left a lot for us to read if we so desire.
    Pray the Rosary.
    If you haven’t already, find the Traditional Latin Mass in your community! Look it up online, there are listings state by state. I can’t imagine anyone in our bad situation not attending the TLM at this point. Even if it is far and you can only attend once per month, do that. The TLM is the most needed balm at this time. We attend a Low Mass TLM, and it is an oasis. You can purchase a Sunday Missal on Ebay for about 25 dollars. Find one from 1962 or earlier. They have Latin on one side and English on the other.
    There are many faithful Catholic blogs such as Fr. Z’s, that will give you information and companionship. We’re all connected here and just knowing others are experiencing the same thing does help, at least, it helps me. Hang in there, you were born for these times. God bless!

  27. Padrepcj93 says:

    Anyone else bothered by Bonnie Tyler signing 80s pop in front of the Resurrected Christ?

  28. TRW says:

    Instead of Ephesians 4:5-6

    “One Lord, one faith, one baptism. One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in us all.”

    They’ll soon be advocating:

    ” One planet, One world government, One world religion of human fraternity, One Mother Earth who is all and in us all.”

    Catechism of the Catholic Church
    Paragraph 675
    “… the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers…in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth.”

  29. Mike says:

    Just one more scene from the never-ending Vatican 2 train wreck.

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  31. Ivan says:

    All of this is work of our fiercest enemies, the Enemies of the Church. Don’t think that their crossed-arms over their chests are just coincidentally so. Or that such posture expression belongs only to pachamamians. No, they all certainly belongs to the one and the same crowd.
    See here (that picture in the comments too) and try to connect some more dots.

  32. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Bonnie Tyler and Lionel Richie were just performing their hits as requested, in a meeting hall, albeit one with one of the world’s ugliest sculptures of Christ. There was no tabernacle. They acted as honest professional musicians. Jesus was probably pleased with their performance, which I can’t say for the other people present.

    Sadly, they may have been scandalized away from any attraction to the Church by the New Age sewage neopaganism on display. I also hope they weren’t scammed into performing for free because it was “for a charity.”

  33. Semper Gumby says:

    Thanks to Charles E. Flynn for the link to the Twitter comments by Thomas Peters and the Cannon of Canon Law, Dr. Ed Peters.

    Another comment there: “This makes the story of Mt Sinai and the golden calf that much more understandable.” Yep.

    Another comment: “They were just following the crowd.” Probably, which is unfortunate. Maybe those three value the nods and winks of the glitterati and paparazzi.

    Regardless, those three should pick up a biography of the Lion of Munster, who preached the Gospel in season and out of season, and with Gestapo observers in the pews.

    “Set yourselves apart from this corrupt generation.” – Jim Caviezel

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  35. teomatteo says:

    How does one react, speaketh, expression on face, when someone [liberal] says while the family is enjoying Christmas dessert: “I like this pope, he’s ruffl’ng some feathers but he’s making the necessary changes”? I just sipped my coffee and indulged in another piece of pie.

  36. Grant M says:

    “Ok, those were the actions for ‘Good Vibrations’. Now we’ll do ‘Little Deuce Coupe’ and ‘Surfing Safari’ “.

  37. GregB says:

    The same Israel that permitted divorce and remarriage was the one that ended up being so faithless towards God that it was called a harlot by the prophets. In a similar way modern spiritual but not religious people are very much in the spirit of the hookup culture. Some people want to be free to spiritually play the field and sow their wild oats. Jimi Hendrix has a song that captures this modern mentality. It is titled “Stone Free” Some the more interesting verses are as follows:
    And that’s why
    You can’t hold me down
    I don’t want to be down i gotta move
    Stone free do what i please
    Stone free to ride the breeze
    Stone free i can’t stay
    I got to got to got to get away
    Listen to this baby
    A woman here a woman there try to keep me in a plastic cage
    But they don’t realise it’s so easy to break
    But sometimes i get a ha
    Feel my heart kind of runnin’ hot
    That’s when i’ve got to move before i get caught
    And the is why, listen to me baby, you can’t hold me down
    I don’t want to be tied down
    I gotta be free
    I said
    Stone free do what i please
    Stone free to ride the breeze
    Stone free i can’t stay
    Got to got to got to get away
    Yeah ow!
    Tear(Turn?) me loose baby
    If you view this song from a spiritual point of view you can see where all the New Paradigms, and revolutionary dissent from historic Church teachings comes from. From this point of view covenants and vows are “rigid” and “legalistic” and considered to be the plastic cage referenced in the song. In this context commitment is a dirty word.

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