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[Teresa] Piccola [wife, mother, pro-life activist] would undergo the solemn rite of exorcism once per week for more than 18 months, in sessions lasting up to three hours. On those days, she and the deliverance team (which included the clinical psychologist and a group of laymen who were there to pray and support — at times, physically — the exorcist in his work) would always begin by going to Mass. After Mass, they would pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Piccola said she was unable to pray this prayer, and the inability to do this would grate on her — the demonic seeking to drive her to despair before the rite of exorcism would even begin.

After additional prayers of protection for the group, the exorcist would lead them in the Litany of the Saints. It was here, Terese said, that the demons that possessed her would begin to manifest themselves. Later, they were to learn that such manifestations would indicate which saint would come to assist her during the rite.

“When sessions first started, I was in and out of awareness,” Piccola continued. “It’s hard to explain, but I was not actually unconscious. I think the closest thing to compare it to is when you take a medication before a surgical procedure and it puts you in a twilight state.”

“During sessions, when the demons would manifest, I exhibited strength beyond my capabilities, my eyes rolled back, my voice changed — these are all accurate depictions in the movies,” she said. “I would often feel or hear these things happening, but the demons would have control over my body and I couldn’t stop things from happening.”

“I felt trapped inside myself, and that was terrifying,” Piccola said. “In the very beginning, I was frightened by it, but then I realized nothing was happening that God didn’t allow, so this gave me peace. I learned how to keep my thoughts hidden so I could pray to Jesus, Mary and the saints during my sessions.”

Piccola said God allowed her to participate in the spiritual battle in a limited way.

“I only remember bits and pieces of the first few sessions,” she said. “Then it shifted, and I noticed I had much more awareness of things. Once prayers began, I had no ability to move or respond except when father spoke directly to me, but I could hear and see things. As my relationship with the Lord grew, and I surrendered more intentionally, I had more control over my movements and words, even exposing things that I could sense with the demons.”

Piccola described, again, how helpless she felt at times, when her body was no longer under her control.

“The demons would seize my body and voice to manifest,” she said. “No matter how hard I tried to regain control, I would just exhaust myself. My voice would change as certain demons manifested, and I could feel it change in my vocal chords.”

“Sometimes it was so painful as the force to expel sound was great,” she said. “I often knew when some major movement was about to happen. I could somehow sense it and would try so hard to fight against it, but then suddenly I would thrust up or my head would shake back and forth aggressively. There were times when I thought my body would just break apart.”


Dear readers, certain sins attract the attachment of demons.  This is real.

That was an excerpt.

Read every single word of THIS.

Stop.  Go.  Now.

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  1. TWF says:

    How can one possibly live their ordinary life month after month knowing that evil spirits are literally dwelling within them? How could you ever go to sleep? How could you ever hold your child, not knowing if the demon(S) will take over in that moment and harm them in unspeakable ways? How could you ever go into public, not knowing what evil actions, perhaps harmful horrendous actions, if the demons take over in that moment? It’s beyond horrifying to even contemplate.

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    Okaaayy…I had a question and wrote it here. Just as I was about to post it something happened that never happened in all the years I have visited this website. The entire screen just moved to the left, as in, completely moved and suddenly I was at a different article. When I used the arrow and came back, my comment was gone. This has never happened. Now I am determined.

    I would appreciate any advice or thoughts. I have a loved one who is married and through the family grapevine it has been understood they are involved in serious sexual sin involving other individuals. This has been going on for some time, in the house and elsewhere. Recently there have been odd occurrences in their house, very odd. Knocking on walls and nobody is there, even things moving in the house and this was caught on video. I believe the children have been impacted, as one became unsure of their own sexual orientation and began experimenting at a young age. Father Amorth said this was often evidence of the demonic.
    What should I or can I do in this instance? I am so worried about my loved ones. I have recently warned them and I do pray, but what would anyone else do in this situation?
    Thank you so much in advance, for any suggestions. Doing nothing is awful. I’d rather do something, but what.

  3. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Poltergeist activity traditionally is associated with angry young people who cannot openly fight back such as kids, adolescents, or houseservants. Sometimes it is just plain old human sneakiness, and sometimes it can be demonic.

    If somebody adult is up to stuff that the kids cannot stop, and the kids get naughty, and they do bad stuff via stage magic techniques like moving things with strings and simple timing mechanisms, let’s just say it would be unsurprising. mechanisms

    But a house blessing certainly would not hurt.

  4. Kathleen10, Perhaps contact the Diocese for the problem. The way I understand it, someone can investigate to determine the need for some kind of intervention. I myself have a similar question for a friend and I plan to go to an older long-time trusted priest of the Diocese that knows “everything” and will know who to send me to.

    Consider getting the book Deliverance Prayers for the Laity, complied by Fr. Ripperger. I have found this book effective recently. Generally most of the prayers can be said only by those who have the authority over the thing [like a parent over the child, owner of the property…] but there are some prayers that can be simply prayed. Perhaps some fervent prayers can cause the suffers to be able to ask for help themselves.

    Just some considerations…no experience here. May God assist you and your family members.

  5. Kathleen10 says:

    Thank you so much.
    At the risk of sounding kooky, we sold a 150 year old house about 5 years ago (not for this reason).
    There were plenty of weird things that happened, like the stereo suddenly going full blast, things getting knocked off shelves. At that time, I took holy water and went into each room saying the name of Jesus and I think, praying a Hail Mary in each room. I also put up blessed crosses and crucifixes. All activity stopped.
    The challenge with the current situation is, the family that lives there (my loved ones) are unchurched and are committing sinful activities. I feel sure this activity is related to that. It’s a helpless feeling. When our loved ones are so lost, it’s such a worry. Thank you both again.

  6. Kathleen10 says:

    Oh, and regarding the house, I prayed the St. Michael prayer as well. Always a good one. That St. Michael, he doesn’t fool around.

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