Blog changes – speed! And “Catholic Signal Corps”

I had posted a while ago that there was going to be yet another maintenance issue coming up.

As you recall, we did a massive switch to a new server last October.  That went well.

This time we had to point the domain resolution from the old server IP address to the new server IP address.  The traffic to the old IP address was “proxied” to the new.  Now, when someone seeks the IP address for the blog, it gets the IP address of the new server, thus removing an intermediary step.

It seems to me that the blog loads faster now.

I am moved to remind those of you who are tech savvy and serious… emphasis on serious… and savvy… that we are trying to create something we might describe as a “Catholic Signal Corps“.

It it hard to find good Catholic tech help that is both capable and reliable.

Right now there is a discussion group available to some of the people who have answered my queries in the past.  I am in touch with the group’s “moderator” and getting feedback about it.

This could be important in the future for Catholic sites.

BTW… in the traditional calendar, today is the Feast of St. Francis de Sales, often associated with mass media.


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  1. scrchristensen says:

    Hi Fr Z,

    I’m a full-stack software developer who is also comfortable with infrastructure and system administration. I’ve also spent time in management and have some reasonable people-skills (at least in the world of software developers, which is a low bar!).

    A jack of all trades, I’d be happy to hop aboard the “Corps” and offer my advice and services.

    Here is my LinkedIn if you are interested:

    Veni, Domine Jesu!

  2. JesusFreak84 says:

    I’m a web programmer, including in PHP, (what WordPress uses,) but what I know about WP specifically, or servers, one could fit on the head of a pin. (I know the BARE MINIMUM about Windows Server 2012 that I need to do my job >.> And that ain’t much <.<) But if code was what you needed, that I could do.

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