ACTION ITEM! Help the tornado ravaged TLM church in Nashville!




I had intended to post about this earlier, but – grrr – I lost the other email. Here we go!

I received this note, however, just now from a reader whom I’ve met a few times over the years.

The Church of the Assumption, the home of the Traditional Latin Mass in Nashville, was devastated by the tornado yesterday. The pastor, Fr. Bede Price, would like to share with you (and hopefully your readers) an update on the damage. Photos, updates, and donation information can be found on their Facebook page: HERE

This was going to be the first year with a full Traditional Triduum schedule and we’re hoping to restore the church and the vestments in time. Donations are much appreciated and can be sent by Venmo to @ChurchoftheAssumption  [FYI I don’t know much about Vemno.]

The tornado hit Germantown in downtown Nashville hard at 1:30 am on Tuesday morning. Fr. Price rushed and saved the Blessed Sacrament.

The Church of the Assumption, the second oldest parish in Nashville, was right in the warpath of the tornado. Just this week, vestments had been arriving for the Triduum and parts to get the tower bells ringing again were going to be installed. The parishioners aren’t giving up and volunteers have driven in from out of town to get things up and running as soon as possible.

I’m hoping your readers could pray and consider donating so that Assumption can promptly reopen the church and be ready for Solemn Mass of Palm Sunday.

Damage summary: we’re still waiting of the engineers to take a second look. Half of the sacristy was completely destroyed. The south wall is pulling away from the roof and the engineers have yet to deem the building safe. The Holy Name window was blown out, along with half of the Annunciation window, and most others have holes in them. It will take quite some time to sort through the sets of vestments and get them cleaned and restored. Until then, the Mass will go on in a makeshift chapel (in the dark probably for another week) and a neighboring Protestant church has offered their space for Sundays.

Okay, folks.  I don’t know how to monitor the progress.

This is a good cause.

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  1. bartlep says:

    I don’t do Venmo. I will be happy to send a check by snail mail. How do I check if this is ok?

  2. OssaSola says:

    Oh man. I don’t have Facebook or Venmo. Could they set up a paypal maybe? It would be great alms for Lent.

  3. Marlon says:

    They have online giving at their website:

    I agree this would be great alms for Lent. Father Bede was my pastor for nearly ten years—a truly wonderful priest and pastor.

  4. Semper Gumby says:

    “Fr. Price rushed and saved the Blessed Sacrament.”

    Which recalls the 16 April 2019 post “Inside burning NotreDame a human chain saved relics, Blessed Sacrament.”:

    “The chaplain to the Parisian fire brigade has been hailed as a hero after it was revealed he led efforts to save the priceless holy relics and art stored inside Notre-Dame Cathedral.

    “The story of Father Jean-Marc Fournier was reported by Christian journalist of French Catholic Television station KTOTV, who revealed the chaplain went into the burning cathedral to retrieve relics and art before they could be damaged by fire and falling debris. Reports state the priest formed a human chain to carry the items away from danger.”

    Which recalls Fr. Joseph O’Callahan, chaplain of the aircraft carrier USS Franklin in 1945 who steadied the lads at their posts onboard the burning, occasionally exploding and slowly sinking ship. Fr. O’Callahan organized sailors into chains to heave hot ammunition overboard before it exploded and also aided the damage-control parties. The ship was saved. Fr. O’Callahan was awarded the Medal of Honor.

    An excerpt from Fr. Slattery’s “Heroism and Genius” pp. 247-48:

    May the Long Line Never Be Broken!

    Praise be to you, O Most Holy Trinity, for the long unbroken line of true priests:
    For those who wrote the divine truth on human hearts;
    For the men who in history’s hours of darkness kept the flame of faith burning;
    For the stalwarts who, century after century, never ceased to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass at catacomb, cathedral, and battlefield;

    For the ardent priests who purified this world;
    For the noble regiments of missionary priests, cloistered priests, and silent hermits;
    For the channels of light, strength, freedom, and genius;
    For the lineage of builders of the strong walls of Christian civilization;
    For so many men of heroic heart-
    And may the long line never be broken! Amen.

  5. JonPatrick says:

    I just sent a donation through the link Marlon provided above. That seemed to work.

  6. Markus says:

    Their mail address is:
    1227 7TH AVE NORTH
    NASHVILLE, TN 37208

  7. Seattle Slough says:

    The link Marlon posted works.

  8. pbnelson says:

    The posted link worked for me (at least, it seemed to take my money) just now. Earlier it was giving me an error, so if anyone tried before and failed you might now try again.

  9. Titus says:

    The mail is running, so if you prefer to send a physical check instead of giving online via credit card, that will work. It may take a while for the secretary to get an acknowledgment out to you, but whatever you send will arrive and be appreciated!
    – an Assumption parishioner

  10. mbarry says:

    This church is amazing. I attend when I can and love every minute I spend there.

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