LAETARE Sunday 2020 Rose Vestment POLL

Did you see rosacea vestments today (hopefully not baby-rattle pink)?

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What did you see and how did you see it?

On the live video stream or at Mass, for my Roman Rite 2020 'Laetare' Sunday Mass of Obligation I saw vestments of

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  1. APX says:

    I saw both because I watched more than one livestream of today’s Mass. I watched the NZ FSSP live-stream yesterday of today’s Mass and, as to be expected l, he wore Rose coloured vestments. I watched the live-streams of two bishops of two Dioceses in Canada, and neither wore Rose vestments.

  2. Mary Martha DM says:

    Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for our 225th Laetare Sunday, offered by Very Rev Fr Edward C Hathaway, Rector of Basilica of St Mary, Old Town Alexandria, VA. Note Father’s beautiful, unique rose vestments!

  3. JonPatrick says:

    The celebrant at the FSSP mass at St Mary Providence RI had a rose chasuble but used a violet cope for the asperges. I imagine rose copes are pretty rare.

  4. Titus says:

    The internet is so slow where I am at the moment that web streaming is largely an exercise in futility. For some reason things like Netflix work a little better than Youtube and other browser plugins, but not much. We tried to turn on Fr. Z’s Mass, but between the problems to which he refers in another post (what started at the appointed time online was not Sunday’s Mass) and the internet, we wound up just bagging it and reading the readings and other propers out loud.

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