Votive Mass “Tempore Mortalitatis”

With the permission of Bp. Hying we are able to celebrate Votive Masses “Tempore Mortalitatis” and “Pro Infirmis” also on 3rd Class Ferias of Lent. We will do this regularly.

Si vis pacem, para bellum!

Today, before Mass, we sang the beautiful hymn to Mary about which I wrote the other day (HERE) and chanted the Litany of Loreto. Because we were concerned also about those Italy – who had a near miss with an interdict – I said a couple things in Italian along with English. The whole Sung Mass can be viewed, less than an hour. Alas, the site is super clunky and there don’t seem to be individual links for the recorded videos. But, look at the dates.

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  1. FrRegOP says:

    Father can you provide a translation of the prayers of this mass? I’d like to use them as a second Collect, etc. this week. Thanks.

  2. Clevelander says:

    FrRegOP: A translation of the prayers of this Mass is available at https://propria.org/votive-masses/. Look for “Votive Mass for the Deliverance from Death in Time of Pestilence.”

    The .pdf file is at https://ususantiquior.files.wordpress.com/2020/03/propers-for-votive-mass-for-deliverance-from-death-in-time-of-pestilence.pdf

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